Bi Stronic Fusion is the latest addition to Fun Factory’s line of pulsators, toys that don’t vibrate, but pulsate in a way that approximates sex with a real man.

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Fusion is a true two-in-one vibrator with two unique motors. One of them is a standard vibrator, which is placed in the toy’s barrel. There is also a magnetic “pulsating” motor that creates a pulsation – a reciprocating motion. The second is a process for stimulating the clitoris. The motors operate independently of each other in 64 possible stimulation combinations. At first glance, it seems that any person would rather die during an orgasm (orgasm at best) than go through all 64 modes, right? But here’s the trick: each motor – a separate barrel and clitoral stimulator – has a total of 8 modes, which allows you to create your favorite combination.

The interface has three buttons: turn on, lock in the desired mode and turn off the device using the large FUN button, and the other two are responsible for the trunk and clitoral stimulator modes. Too simple to be true (with 64 combinations!), but it is. Choose from rhythmic, fast, deep modes that suits you, and welcome to the glorious world of orgasms!

The pulsator is considered vaginal-clitoral, as it is able (according to the manufacturer) to simultaneously stimulate the walls of the vagina and the clitoris. True, it seems that in Germany, where the Fun Factory is located, other women or guys are deeply mistaken about where the clitoris actually is. I appealed to all the sex gods that the clitoral stimulating process would be a little lower. But no. Too high. He fell on the area a little higher and even changing the angle does not help. The only thing is that you can enter the device not so deeply, but what’s the point. I have no doubt that there are girls who will love this kind of stimulation. I’m just one of the miniature ones. But do not be upset: this process is so flat (it covers not only the clitoris itself, but also the labia) and plastic that you can adjust all the inconveniences on your own with the help of your golden handles. By the way, this form of stimulant is perfect for girls with high sensitivity of the clitoris – it is not aggressive, it just teases and makes you want more. And the barrel of the vibrator will handle the big one.

While the stimulation of the clitoris is somewhat bewildering, the shape of the vibrator is fantastic! It has a slightly curved and rounded head to actively stimulate the G-spot, while not suppressing the pulsation, which in the overall picture of the world creates a very, very pleasant sensation.

In addition, Bi Stronic Fusion is very quiet. Unexpectedly quiet! Compared to many “rabbits” this is an undeniable advantage. Firstly, extraneous sounds will not confuse you, and secondly, they will not confuse all random neighbors who happened to be in the right place at the right time. That is why it is so pleasant and easy to use at any opportunity – your little secret will remain with you.

Don’t limit your feelings! The gadget can be used both solo and in company with your beloved man! And yes, the anatomical shape and size of the vibrator allows you to use it vaginally and anally. A man might like it too if your favorite is a fan of anal stimulation. The process that is intended for the girl’s clitoris will suit him too – fervent stimulation of the zone between the scrotum and anus, the projection of the prostate, will bring him closer to a bright orgasm.