If you sort through all the possible positions for sex, then the legs take part in them exclusively as an auxiliary structure. Bend, part, cross or squeeze, but in penetrative sex this only partially changes the configuration of the posture. But it can seriously change your own feelings, increase arousal and bring an orgasm closer. Another thing is that in bed there is not only contact of the genitals, and this is wonderful! What else can you do with your feet?


foot fetish

The first thing that comes to mind is a foot fetish. For some reason, it was this practice of BDSM that gained such fame, perhaps the most extensive of all possible fetishes. But it is not necessary to attend closed BDSM sessions to join the connoisseurs! If there is a lot of tenderness and absolute openness between partners, then you can certainly count on a foot massage so that he rubs each finger.

If you are not too ticklish, then touching the thinnest skin between the toes is very pleasant, and if they touch the tongue there, then the sensations can open a new page in your sensuality. By and large, careful foot care, fragrant creams and powders, baths and massage – all this can already be considered manifestations of a foot fetish, especially if it is a pleasure, and not a boring routine.


foot job

If you immediately clarify the essence, then we are talking about the sexual satisfaction of a man, in which the penis is stimulated by the tightly compressed feet or toes of the partner (or partner). The most exciting and playful introduction to this charming dance can be considered the most replicated prank that is shown in every second Hollywood movie. Remember, you must have seen the scene when a lady beautifully drops her shoe under the table – and an elegant leg slides along the leg of the man sitting in front of her right to the crotch.

It is believed that the foot job is one of the elements of the foot fetish and it is only about male pleasure. In fact, the pleasant sliding touches of a tense member (don’t forget the lubricant!) And the very understanding of what exactly these sensations are delivered with can give a lot of pleasant moments to a girl, especially if the feet are sensitive.



Tightly folded legs

Biologically based genital contact isn’t everything, and for the fantasy-minded person, sex isn’t just limited to openings in the body for the joys of physical love. You won’t believe how many men dream of doing “it” between tightly clenched ankles, also tightly clenched hips, or even under a bent knee.

Of course, you will need a lubricant again, but this is already a necessary and correct thing for an intimate life, so why not take more?

The thin, hot skin on the inner thigh may not be as sensitive as the vagina, but it’s a different experience and worth trying. Penetration between tightly clenched legs allows you to have sex in positions that are simply physically impossible with vaginal penetration, and sometimes you want something new!


Your perfect pedicure… and his perfect pedicure!

Fingering is no longer a surprise – in fact, caressing the deepest love points with your fingers is already familiar. But this is if the fingers. How about toes? Of course, foot-fisting is an extreme undertaking and must be carried out according to all the commandments of BDSM about safety, voluntariness and complete control of what is happening. But as a light version, toe caresses are always possible, even if it is quite unexpected.

For example, when caressing your partner with your mouth, you can use his toes to “get the fire of love by friction.” Deep penetration can not be expected and not required, but that this is an exciting surprise is undeniable! He can do the same and under the same conditions, the main thing is not to make sudden movements.


Elements of Domination: Step on me baby!

This is an insidious attack! Or rather, the offensive, which is also called trampling underfoot. The game of mistress and slave is not necessarily accompanied by dangerous high-heeled shoes, sometimes stepping on a bare foot at the most unexpected moment is a powerful erotic call to action.

The process itself, when someone steps on someone, is precisely an element of dominance and submission, which can be used to revitalize relationships, are you sure you are for diversity?

Your feet are beautiful and need to be pampered and loved, so why not try new ways!