Erotic dreams

Dreams of intimate overtones have long been regarded as a lack of love and affection, the desire to realize one’s most secret desires. However, erotic dreams occur in both men and women, regardless of age and sexual satisfaction. A few sound approaches will help to understand the appearance and meaning of this kind of nightly dreams.

What is an erotic dream?

Such phenomena are an uncontrollable part of human life, although they are perceived as a reality. There is no moral framework in such cases, so they can be frank, depraved, repulsive and frightening. The object of fantasy can be real people or fictional characters (heroes of films and books). In any case, erotic dreams are not deviations from the norm. They are most frequent during puberty, but visit a person throughout life with varying regularity, regardless of marital status, absence and presence of a sexual partner.

Why do you have erotic dreams?

Often, but not always, erotic dreams are preceded by some kind of event with sexual overtones. After getting acquainted with a TV show, a film, a literary work and romantic experiences, the accumulated emotions can result in an “interesting” night vision. Sometimes in this way the subconscious of a person replaces a long absence of sexual contact, and in the case when erotic dreams with one context are constantly dreaming, one can talk about hidden desires. If in normal life some desire is forbidden, it is likely that it will take the form of a dream.

Erotic dreams1

Erotic dreams according to Freud

According to the research of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, in a sensual dream, as in any other, latent needs are clearly expressed. They can be disguised as images, transformed or look like the explicit desires of a person. Sigmund Freud believed that if you dreamed of a picture with a sexual context, this is not an ordinary accident, and what is most lacking in reality pops up in the subconscious most often. This applies not only to intimate life. Trying to figure out what an erotic dream means, it must be considered as an ordinary dream.

How to induce an erotic dream?

Night visions may not have anything to do with reality, but in an attempt to experience new things and get deeper into their subconscious, people begin to think about how to make an erotic dream happen. In this case, two conditions are important: physiological and emotional. Long before sleep, you need to refrain from tea, coffee and alcohol, be content with a light dinner, avoid physical and mental overstrain, and go to bed – tune in to the right mood and indulge in erotic fantasies. It is important to have a clear understanding of the situation and the intended partner.

What to do if you have erotic dreams?

People who often have erotic dreams get used to this phenomenon. There is no need to be afraid of its first manifestation, but if the dreamer is concerned about his own behavior in such dreams, and what is happening begins to strain, the problem can be solved by considering it from the outside. Everything that happens is recorded in a notebook, and then analyzed, excluding emotions and sexual overtones. All anxieties and unrest, manifested in disturbing images, will come to the surface. Perhaps erotic dreams indicate a lack of affection, dissatisfaction with a partner – then the solution to the problem is obvious.

Erotic dreams2

How to get rid of erotic dreams?

When the cause is found, but the problem is not eliminated, you can look for its solution in yourself. Spicy dreams (and especially women’s erotic dreams) are often fueled by emotional experiences and a rich imagination. The person himself spurs their appearance precisely with sexual overtones, for example, by watching films about love at night or reading frank novels. The quality of the night’s rest will help to improve the complete disconnection from the outside world. For at least an hour, you need to remove all gadgets, put the book aside and calm down as much as possible.

Interpretation of erotic dreams

When intimate dreams are not a sign of fatigue, dissatisfaction, desires, you can try to interpret them as the most common. Violent nights can be a signal that a person is trying to free himself from oppression in real life and is even ready to use force to fix the problem. Dreaming of public sex indicates discomfort, and scenes of self-satisfaction indicate low self-esteem. Trying to figure out why erotic dreams about lesbian love are dreaming, you should not think that homosexual inclinations are manifested in this way, there is simply not enough tenderness in life.

No matter how hidden fantasies appear in the world of Morpheus, they do not need to be afraid. Simple statistics: dreams with sexual meaning make up 10%. Adults see them at least once a month and this does not show concern or “abnormality”. Some manage to realize what they saw in real life with a partner and thereby diversify and decorate their intimate life. You can benefit from everything if you understand the mechanisms and causes.