1. Super sensitive lip contour

Where is the secret pleasure transmitter hidden? Under the thin skin around the lips. This zone is full of nerve endings, but when we kiss, we often concentrate on the lips themselves. Run the tip of your tongue along the border of your lips, like a contour pencil – you will feel a slight tingling, even a slight tickle.

During the kiss, try this trick: kiss your loved one as usual, then lightly run the tip of your tongue along the contour of his upper lip. You kiss him again – and draw along the contour of the lower lip.

Sexologists promise that subconsciously the guy will associate this with the way you run your tongue along the contour of the head of his penis.

2. Side path

A powerful nerve runs along the sides from the lower part of the chest to the hips. If you stimulate it, pleasant sensations will reverberate in your clitoris or male member. Touching this area reflexively causes the pelvic floor muscles to respond in both men and women, and arousal increases.

Caution: these areas are sensitive to tickling, so you need to draw on them quite tightly, and in no case with a light touch. Start on one side, where the ribs end. You can stroke these places, you can alternate kissing (but press your lips tighter than usual) with light bites, gradually moving towards the pelvic bones.

This caress has a double benefit: it is not only pleasant, but also creates tension in the right muscles, and the orgasm promises to be brighter than usual.

3. Coccyx

This rudimentary reminder of a tail is just stuffed with nerve endings. To get the most out of it, give each other an erotic massage.

Start kneading your back with your shoulder blades. When you get to the lower back, switch to softer touches. Gently move your fingers in a spiral around the coccyx. This area is so receptive that it will send sweet shivers throughout the body.

You can drive here with your tongue, tickle your hair or gently scratch with your nails.

4. Magic points on the hips

One of the most sensitive nerves in the body is located at the top of the inner thighs. It is better to leave it for dessert, so that the partner has already worked up a sexual appetite.

Lick your finger (moisture will enhance the sensation) and slowly slide it from the middle of the inner thigh to the top. Then follow the same path with your tongue.

Since the skin here is very delicate, it is important to watch how the partner reacts to this caress.

If he twitched, you touched a point susceptible to tickling. Then you need to make amends: kiss him hard in this place. (This is generally a useful technique that works for both of you and helps relieve discomfort if you tickle each other).

When he strokes you in these places, you can notice how your breathing quickens and there is a feeling of “enter me soon.” And all because the nerve endings in this area are connected with the genitals and send signals of pleasure to the brain.

Listen to the sensations and move on from the prelude to the case.


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