erogenous points in men

Every woman can diversify her sexual life and give pleasure to her partner. It is only necessary to know what erogenous points men have and how to stimulate them correctly. Changing positions in sex, or making love in different places, of course, also plays a role. But sexual intercourse is primarily a physiological process, therefore, if a woman wants to excite her partner, she will have to remember the anatomy.

Main male erogenous points

All the most sensitive places on a man’s body are in the groin area. But, this does not mean that only caresses of the penis and scrotum can excite a guy. Rather, on the contrary, it is the groin area that should be paid attention at the last moment, and not at the very beginning of lovemaking.

In the first minutes of a sexual game, you can and should pay attention to the erogenous points on your partner’s back. Finding them is quite simple, lay a path of kisses and strokes along the spine line, this is how the nerve endings that are responsible for skin sensitivity are concentrated. The degree of pressure will have to be selected independently, because some men react to touch more sensitively than most other guys. It is worth paying attention to the area of ​​​​the shoulders, neck and back of the head. The caresses of these zones also have a very exciting effect on the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Erogenous points on the body of a man are also located on the chest and abdomen, directly next to the navel. However, a woman should caress these places very carefully. Many guys are afraid of being tickled, which can ruin the whole thing if the girl touches these places too lightly or, on the contrary, intensely with her lips or hands.

Where else can there be erogenous points in men?

It happens that completely atypical caresses can please a guy more, male erogenous pointsthan any other, for example, if a woman begins to massage her fingers or feet. In order to discover these sensitive places, a girl must know her partner’s body well. Do not be afraid to ask a man what caresses he is most pleased with. Or you can just try different stimulations of all areas of the body and watch the partner’s reaction. Both methods will help to find out what sensitive points a man has.

You can also try using different objects, such as a silk scarf, a piece of ice, or a feather. Sometimes lighter touches can give completely different sensations, both for a woman and a man.