emergency contraception

emergency contraception

Emergency contraception products and preparations are designed to prevent unwanted pregnancy through unprotected intercourse. For a long time, emergency contraceptive pills were not successful for many reasons. First, the population of many countries was not informed about the existence of such drugs. And secondly, due to the side effects that pocoital contraceptives can cause, many myths have arisen around the drugs that do not correspond to reality. As a result, most women either did not know or were afraid to use emergency contraceptive pills. At the moment, the situation has undergone significant changes, and emergency contraception is gaining more and more popularity. Let’s try to figure out which pregnancy pills are currently offered by pharmaceutical companies, and how to choose the most suitable option.

Combined drugs

One of the first methods of contraception after sex is the Yuzpe method, which consists in taking combined pills with a 12-hour interval. You can use these pregnancy pills no later than 72 hours after sexual intercourse. This method is inferior in effectiveness and has more side effects than modern remedies, such as pills for unwanted pregnancy postinor and escapelle.

Progestin drugs

Postinor emergency contraceptive pills have become more widespread due to their relative safety. The active substance is levonorgestrel, which causes inhibition of ovulation, as well as preventing egg implantation, by changing the properties of the endometrium. The use of these pregnancy pills is effective 72 hours after intercourse. They are taken twice, with a 12-hour interval.

Escapelle emergency contraceptive pills have the same effect as postinor, but the dosage of levonorgestrel in them is increased, so they are taken once, and the time of taking is limited to 96 hours after intercourse. Preparations based on levonorgestrel lose their effectiveness if implantation of a fertilized egg has occurred, and do not affect the fetus. Therefore, taking such drugs is not an indication for abortion.

Synthetic steroids

The drug mifepristone is also taken once, within 72 hours after sexual intercourse. The action of this drug is different from progestin drugs, although it also causes changes in the endometrium and prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg. If pregnancy occurs after taking the drug, the risk of developing fetal abnormalities will be very high, which is an indication for abortion. When using mifepristone during breastfeeding, a break in feeding up to 2 weeks will be required.

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of emergency contraceptive drugs largely depends on the time of administration. It is most reliable to take funds in the first hours after sexual intercourse, in the future, the level of effectiveness decreases, from 98% to 60%. Also, we must not forget that emergency contraception is not suitable for regular use, so it is important to take care of planned contraception.

The name of pregnancy pills> may differ depending on the manufacturer, so it is best to select a remedy with the help of a specialist, taking into account the state of health, age and individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

Since almost all pregnancy pills are effective Pregnancy pills 72 hours72 hours after unprotected intercourse, then in cases where taking the drug for some reason was not possible, it is recommended to use intrauterine devices such as a spiral. It should be borne in mind that the introduction of the spiral is effective only when used within 5 days after unprotected intercourse, but if there are no contraindications, then it can be used in the future as a planned contraception. Only a gynecologist prescribes and installs a spiral.

Postcoital contraception, of course, has a number of side effects, because this is an interference with the natural processes of the body, which is always associated with negative consequences. But abortion has many more contraindications and more serious consequences, both for the woman’s health and for her mental state.

Emergency contraceptive pills can help in a variety of situations, prevent unwanted pregnancies and avoid subsequent problems.