A video of a girl who came up with a way to “stimulate the G-spot from the outside” went viral on TikTok.


A user with the nickname @love.ria.nurse claims that pressure on the lower abdomen can easily bring a woman to orgasm. Everyone is arguing whether this sex hack works, and, of course, the experts also decided to speak out.

And what, so it was possible?

According to surveys, most women – about 70% – experience an orgasm when stimulating the clitoris. But that’s no reason to ignore the vagina, says OB/GYN and MD Lindsey Harper.

She explains that the G-spot is the area on the front of the vagina, to which the nerve endings of the clitoris adjoin. The G-spot is usually stimulated by penetration, but this can be done in another way – by pressing on the lower abdomen.

“So you apply additional pressure – in fact, create a sandwich with a clitoris, where on one side is a penis or sex toy, on the other is your hand,” says sex therapist Casey Tanner. In her opinion, this can enhance the sensations that a woman experiences during an orgasm.


Tanner believes that this technique can shorten the time it takes for a girl to have an orgasm and make penetrative sex more enjoyable. And Harper adds: new experiences and experiments that couples go through can enhance the mutual feelings of partners.

What you need to know before trying a life hack?

According to sex trainer Amy Baldwin, we must remember: all people are different. There is no guarantee that a method that works for one woman will work for another. For example, the TikTok method may not appeal to girls with sensitive bladders – pressure on it is inevitable.

In this case, Baldwin advises trying anal games – they can give the same result. For example, anal plugs during vaginal penetration will also create a “sandwich effect”. So the TikTok trend is worth a try, but be aware that it is just one of many ways to improve sex.