does size matter

The question of whether size matters has been on the minds of men (and sometimes women) for a long time. Especially now that the internet is full of advertisements for penis enlargement ads. It’s time to dot the “i”, once and for all determining how important size is.

The question of whether penis size matters is for women to decide, right? A man will get his pleasure in any case, but he worries about his partner. However, these experiences are often groundless, since most women experience during intercourse not a vaginal, but a clitoral orgasm, for which the size of the penis, in principle, cannot matter.

In women’s conversations about whether penis size matters, one can hear complaints about an organ that is too large because it causes pain. In this case, a large size may be perceived worse than a small one. That is why the myth that “the more the better” has no real basis. In this sense, the size of the penis matters only for pornography.

In a psychological sense, penis size matters if a man has complexes because of this. Since a confident man can easily find a way to satisfy his partner in any case. Do not forget that there are various positions that provide more, or if necessary, less deep penetration, thanks to which you can achieve sexual victories in any case. Thus, even if the size of the penis matters in sex, then in any case, everything is controllable. The potential of a “good lover” lies in the man himself, in his desire to please his partner, and not in the size of his organ. After all, if a man is not interested in satisfying a girl and he only strives for his own orgasm, then no matter how big he can boast, a woman will not get pleasure from sex with him.