According to the popular sleep portal SleepZoo, 64% of Americans have nightmares related to work. No wonder, because for many people it is associated with stress – and it affects all areas of life.


Of the 2,000 respondents, 60% admitted that they had at least once dreamed of having sex with a colleague and the next morning they felt very uncomfortable. The good news is that if you dream that you are making love to a hated boss, it does not mean that you really want it.

“Erotic dreams almost never tell the state of real sex,” says Caleb Buck, health expert at Maple Holistics. – They communicate much more about the desire to establish new connections between the two parts of one whole. A colleague or boss can symbolize some part of you, a character trait. Sex is the merging of two bodies, in a dream it is just a mental projection of your desire to integrate some part of yourself into the whole picture.


We interpret everything

Of course, before trying to interpret the dream from a more metaphorical perspective, you can ask yourself a simple question: “Do I like him?” And if the answer is yes, then you are dealing with the simplest case.

But if you know for sure that a colleague attracts you no more than a stool, you can dig a little deeper. Maybe it’s not your co-worker that attracts you, but the very idea of ​​a sex taboo at work? Love affair at work?

Think about it: the mere fact that we spend a lot of time with colleagues in the same room creates a lot of hidden connotations and reticences. If you don’t want to have sex with this person, think about them on a deeper level. What character trait do you associate it with? Maybe in some aspects you wanted to be like him? For example, if he is assertive and aggressive, does not go into his pocket for a word and always knows what to answer, probably, these skills would not interfere with you too?


On the other hand, an employee from an erotic dream simply reminds you of someone you know.


Another filling scenario is to dream about how you have sex with someone higher on the career ladder, with your boss. This is a person who has formal power over you. Usually the boss symbolizes strength and power (surprise!), authority and control. Ask yourself which area of ​​your life needs more control on your part. Maybe you feel that you are not coping with something and you need the support of a stronger one?

No matter how awkward a dream may seem to you, where you indulge in violent passion with a colleague or boss, do not be scared and do not feel awkward. Most likely, it’s just that you need more power over your own life.