Do guys like fat girls?

what kind of guys like fat girls

Do men like fat girls, or do most men prefer thin, slender women? Modern fashion gives its preference mainly to thin girls. That is why almost every girl wondered at least once in her life whether guys like full girls.

Psychologists regularly conduct research on this fact, and according to the latest results, they came to the conclusion that most of the young people tested preferred girls with more magnificent forms for intimacy. The same answer option was chosen when choosing a potential spouse.

What kind of guys like fat girls?

Everything is explained by the subconscious and reflexes. On the subconscious, a man is looking for a healthy woman, ready to procreate. Of course, lush breasts and rounded hips are indicators of reproduction. By the way, if a man’s mother is inclined to be overweight, then most likely his wife will be like that.

If an interesting observation: in a pair where the girl is the owner of magnificent forms, often the man is rather frail and nondescript. According to experts, in this way, many men compensate for their poor physical shape and lack of their weight.

Fat girls like mostly mature men. As a rule, young people prefer thin and slender girls. While held men prefer full women.

Scientists conducted a survey of which guys like fat girls. The result was revealed that such a man has such qualities as aggression and do guys like fat girlsirascibility. A tendency to drink alcohol is not ruled out. He has the art of speaking beautifully. monogamous Such a man usually marries early and tries to keep the marriage for life. A man who prefers curvaceous women is characterized by diligence, a desire to devote time to his family and create comfort in the house, love for cars, and responsibility. In women, he appreciates good taste, kindness, love for family and children, rejection of stereotypes. Hates gossips and girls obsessively wanting to lose weight.

But these statistics are based on women whose weight ranges from 60 to 90 kilograms, the fullness associated with health problems is not attractive. Therefore, remember that women who are unable to control their appetite and do not watch their figure will certainly not be of interest to a man.