Modern sex toys are super technological. They can be synchronized with a smartphone and controlled using applications at a distance – from anywhere in the world.

Gadgets are made of high quality materials that feel indistinguishable from human skin. Almost all of them are waterproof, so you can have fun with them in the bathroom. Teams of not only engineers and designers are working on devices, but also doctors and scientists who help to better understand the body of a woman and a man.

In addition, the gender of the couple who uses toys is usually secondary.

Oksana Bachinskaya, a medical psychologist, sexologist, trainer at the Sex.rf training center, helped to understand the variety of technologies in the sex industry and choose the best of them.

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Modern technology in sex gadgets is not only about vibration, it is being replaced by vacuum wave stimulators without direct contact.

At one time, womanizers made a revolution. Before their appearance, women had a choice only among vibrators with mechanical action, which was not suitable for everyone. The Womanizer pumps blood into the clitoris without contact, and the volume that did not fit into the organ goes into the legs of the clitoris and beyond. Thus, the strongest excitation and fast discharge is obtained.

With the help of a womanizer, you can learn how to get an orgasm from penetrative sex with a partner. Oksana Bachinskaya recommends showing will and postponing clitoral discharge, remaining in a pre-orgasmic state. At this moment, the partner will be able to bring the woman to orgasm in a few frictions, because. the clitoris is ready for it.

After a few intercourses, the connection between penetrative sex and orgasm will be strengthened. This technique is called “bridge” and was invented by sex therapist Helen Kaplan.

The device is also suitable for stimulating the nipples and other parts of the body.

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This is mainly a male vibrator, but it can also be played together. The principle of operation is based on a new (for vibrators) type of vibration – oscillation. This is the activation of both high and low frequency vibration, during which powerful oscillatory movements are created.

Technology comes from medicine. Doctors use it when they need to get ejaculate from male spinal patients. As can be understood from this description, the device is capable of “raising the dead.” For example, it will help men who have erection problems.

When masturbating, the toy is put on the penis so that its elongated upper part is at the level with the head. A woman can lean her clitoris against the top of the vibrator and enjoy it too.

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The gadget has two ends – one is larger, designed to stimulate the clitoris, the other is smaller and flat, it is located in the vagina and stimulates its front wall in the G-spot zone. During penetrative sex, the smaller tip does not interfere with friction, on the contrary, it makes the entrance to the vagina narrower. Also, the partner receives additional stimulation from vibrations.

The device can be used even when the partners are not together. The modern modification of the gadget makes it possible to control it from a distance via a smartphone. A special application via a secure channel sends a link to a partner who may be on another continent, but at the same time take part in a sexual game.

In addition, the toy comes with a remote control that can also function as a vibrator.

The device remembers the modes you like (vibration intensity, their duration) and plays them again. Yes, you can create your own playlist.

I must say that We-Vibe is not always suitable for couples due to anatomical features. In this case, try the position from behind, then the vibrator can be held by hand. Or, for example, if the woman’s clitoris is located far from the vagina, try a different size of the toy, they are different in size.

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This masturbator is considered male, but is also well suited for couples use. The trick of the gadget is that it creates a certain vacuum on the penis.

Also inside the masturbator has pleasant ribbing (only five types of ribs: triangles, spirals, etc.), which give a man additional sensations.

To use the toy in a pair, you need to turn it ribbed out, put it on the penis, and the partner, for example, sits on top. The walls of the toy may seem thick, but the material (elastomer) is very plastic and elastic, the gadget fits comfortably inside and gives a feeling of fullness. Great for women after childbirth.

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A vibrating ring is a good option for the first sex toy, it will provide a gentle entry into the world of intimate accessories. The gadget transmits residual vibration to the fingers, which can be used to get acquainted, and only then play directly with the ring.

This vibrator works in low-frequency vibrations and is well suited for stimulating the G-spot and the paraurethral gland responsible for female ejaculation (the ducts of the gland secrete a special secret, usually a small amount of liquid). The glandular tissue responds very well to low-frequency vibration.

Vibroring can be used as a mini-massage for point stimulation of other erogenous zones. It does not interfere with classic sex, remaining fixed on the finger.

The vibration ring in the photo is an open wide ring, but such nozzles can be of different shapes, for example, with fixation between the fingers or in the form of a thimble.

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The pulsator makes reciprocating movements that imitate frictions. Suitable for girls who do not get an orgasm from penetrative sex and would like to learn this. Pulsator is a good trainer for studying your own body and choosing poses in which the pulse of the gadget will be better felt.

The gadget is called a toy for the lazy, since it is not necessary to hold it with your hands, you can simply hold it with your feet. Don’t over-lubricate when using high pulses.

The device is smart and can remember the most successful mode in order to reproduce it later.

Pulsators can look different, for example, with a clitoris or G-spot stimulation. Also, the toy can have a vibration function.

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Vibrator to stimulate the G-spot and the opposite side of the vagina. With this device, it will be possible to study the depth at which the body will respond.

The flexible lugs, which can be gently pinched together with your fingers, adapt to the anatomical features of the woman’s vagina. Actually in them – in the tips, there are motors that vibrate and stimulate.

In addition, the vibrator is suitable for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation, clitoral-vaginal, it can also be used by men, for example, to stimulate the scrotum. According to the manufacturer, it can also be used during oral sex, leaning the device against the chin – the vibration will be transmitted to the penis.

Also suitable for superficial stimulation of any part of the body.

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Vibrator for cybersex with a partner at a distance. The kit includes a phallic vibrator and a masturbator that are synchronized (they do not have to be bought as a set, you can separately). The ability to control your gadget is given to a partner or even a stranger. To connect, you need to register in the application, where the video is also optionally connected.

In addition, it is possible to synchronize the movements of partners, i.e. at the moment of frictions of the man in the masturbator, the female vibrator will pulsate in accordance with these movements. Conversely, the man will sense the activity of the woman in the masturbator through the sensory rings.

Both the vibrator and the masturbator respond to even slight pressure, such as kissing.

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This is not a device, but the principle of operation and the result are very similar to sex toys. Attraction is a gel in bottles with a dispenser.

A liquid vibrator is applied to the clitoris, a pea-sized volume is sufficient. After a couple of minutes, the clitoris will begin to warm up, pulsate, vibrate, and discharge occurs. Most often, a liquid vibrator is described as “short but bright.”

The action of the remedy lasts up to 20 minutes – depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Not all manufacturers open the secret composition of the gel. For example, some write that they use active substances from plants in the Amazon rainforest. Others honestly admit that this is a good dosage of menthol, essential oils and other substances.

Men are better off not experimenting with a liquid vibrator (or very carefully). It can cause severe burning on the head of the penis. Women have more nerve endings on the clitoris, so the sensations are different.

  1. Only water-based lubricants are suitable for sex gadgets. Silicone grease destroys the shell of toys. Nothing else (oil, warming gels, saliva, etc.) can replace water-based lubricant, this also destroys the surface of the device.
  2. Toys should be warm (not room temperature) when they are ready to use. The temperature of an excited human body is slightly elevated, so applying a cool gadget to the genitals can cause discomfort and blood flow, which in this case is not needed. In order to keep the device warm, before sex, pour hot tap water into a bowl and put everything you plan to use in it (if the toys are waterproof). Including a bottle of lube, it should also be warm.
  3. After use, rinse toys under running water, you can use soap. Then treat the gadget with a special cleaner. Remove excess moisture with a clean cloth. Do not use antibacterial / aseptic agents, they spoil the surface of the toy and make it unusable very quickly. During processing, do not use boiling water or boil.
  4. Ideally, if each toy has an individual storage case. It’s hygienic.
  5. Before use, the gadget will again need to be treated with a cleaner and only then used.
  6. Intimate devices should be individual, i.e. only one person uses them (or a couple, if the gadget is paired).