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sitting posture, woman from below

In the Kama Sutra, this is a variant of the classic sitting posture. Lean back and grab his ankles with your hands. Ask your man to bend forward and begin to make frictions, sliding up and down. The more your boyfriend bends forward, the easier it will be for you to move, otherwise his cock may slip out of you. In this sex position, his penis will be able to stimulate the hard-to-reach points of your vagina, and in addition, your clitoris will actively rub against the body of your man. In a word, this depraved sex position gives all the pleasures at once!


leaning tower of pisa

lying posture, standing posture

Do you want Kamasutra to tell you a good way to celebrate, for example, the one-year anniversary of your relationship? To begin with, arrange a candlelight dinner for him, in the finale, climb onto the kitchen table and dance a slow striptease. Take off your clothes and sit on the edge of the table. Before he enters you, take his penis in your hand, start stroking your vagina with it and run it over the clitoris. This will inflame his desire even more. Then let him enter you. Once he’s inside, put his hand on your clit, lean on your elbows, spread your legs and lift them up so he can support you by the calves or ankles. During sex, do not forget to squeeze and relax the muscles of the vagina.

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lying position, woman on top

Do you want to feel like a voluptuous catwoman, the heroine of the Eastern “Kama Sutra”? Then use this sex position with the woman on top and backwards. Saddle your partner with your back to him, then stretch your legs to his shoulders, lower your chest between his legs and start sliding up and down on his cock. Having mastered, start alternating standard frictions with back and forth movements, strain and relax intimate muscles. Since this depraved sex position provides very tight genital contact, it is unlikely to leave you and your partner indifferent.

wedge wedge

pose on the side, woman from below

This sex position “Kama Sutra” recommends lovers of new sensations. This position is dominated by a man. Lie on your side, lift one leg, stretch the other on the bed. A man enters you from a sitting position, your raised leg rests on his shoulder. In this sex position, your partner can move not only back and forth, but also up and down, and also make circular frictions. Ask him to vary the height of the seat, let him rise and fall a little during friction, so you can determine the angle of penetration that will give both of you the most pleasant sensations. In turn, you can stimulate your clitoris with your free hand.


Electric pump

lying position, man on top

Do you like it when a man dominates? Then try this sex position, exotic, like the classic “Kama Sutra”. Lie on your stomach, your young man should sit in the back with his feet in front of him. Leaning back a little, he will be able to enter you and begin to perform frictions, swaying back and forth. During frictions, lean on your elbows and keep your legs together. In this sex position, you are practically unable to move, and since your hips are tightly closed, you will feel every movement of his penis inside you. To enhance sensations, arch your lower back during deep frictions. This movement will make the muscles of the vagina tighten even more, and you will certainly experience a vivid orgasm.



sitting posture, woman on top

Are you an exhibitionist at heart and love sex positions when a woman dominates? So, it’s time to master this variation of the pose of a woman on top from our “Kama Sutra”! Saddle your man, stretch your legs forward so that your feet are on both sides of his shoulders, grab his shins with your hands and, pushing off, start moving. Alternate up and down movements with forward and backward movements, rotate your hips, gradually increasing the pace and amplitude of the frictions. What good is this most depraved pose? Firstly, the fact that in it your man will observe the process from a very good angle, and secondly, since he has free hands, he can caress your breasts and stimulate the clitoris.