Means for oral sex

It’s time for super-stories: we took a test product that calls to diversify your sex life and give a few hours of true bliss. In all the variety of products for adults – edible and not – we have chosen a few and decided to tell the truth and nothing but the truth about them.

For seduction

Shunga lip gloss

Not only a girl can use this gloss during oral sex! Ask your man to put gloss on his lips before he cunnilingus you. Both he and you will like it, because the shine enhances the sensitivity of erogenous zones and is absolutely safe.

Shunga Intimate Kisses

Shunga Intimate Kisses is a super tool that can be used not only for an easy erotic game, but also to reveal new erogenous zones that are still unknown to you! Try applying oil to different parts of the body with a partner – so you can learn a lot more about each other. And in such a nice way too!

For a special occasion

Shunga Body Powder

Sweetish powder in a beautiful black bag will not leave any girl indifferent. First of all, it’s really beautiful. Secondly, together with the powder, the kit comes with a soft brush, which is very gently in contact with the body and gives a pleasant tactile sensation. True, the manufacturer talks about exciting smells and tastes – well, it’s like anyone, of course.

In fact, Shunga Body Powder has a very pleasant taste, and the smell is barely perceptible. Such a thing will be an excellent companion of your foreplay: if you want to prolong it, apply powder on the body (your or partner) and start kissing! This adds an unprecedented sharpness and tenderness to even the most common manifestations of caresses.

Now erotic massage can become much more interesting for you. This is a real must have for those who want to get everything at once: the cream combines a soft and gentle massage gel, turning into a lubricant for oral and manual caresses, and after use it leaves a light pleasant aroma. We got the taste of cherries – it does not leave an aftertaste, more like yogurt.

If you’ve ever seen the movie 9 1/2 Weeks, you’re bound to fantasize about sex and food. And, of course, this fantasy resonated in the hearts of manufacturers of intimate goods. Body cream with different flavors is a paint with which you can paint your best picture on the body of your loved one. And then – a pleasant feast! Yes, the cream has a very pleasant taste, which is not inferior to any dessert. And – be careful! – if you are on a diet and deny yourself sweets, you can use this cream for other purposes in the first minute 🙂

Flavored Lubricants

Now you can invite your loved one for a cup of coffee in your bed. We foretell you wild sex, because no one will refuse such a dessert.

Swiss Navy 2 in 1 Dispenser

Excellent lubricant with two dispensers – water-based and silicone-based. On the water – for vaginal and oral sex, and silicone – for manual caresses and toys. Actually, Swiss Navy 2 in 1 Dispenser is a real lifesaver for those couples who are not used to limiting themselves to something, because there will always be a gel at hand for any occasion. In addition, you can take it with you on vacation, for example. A small but compact package will not take up much space, but after that it will give you the best moments of sex and a very “delicious” blowjob.

This one is the most delicious chocolate lubricant, honestly! First, despite the sweet taste, it does not contain sugar. And besides, it is compatible with condoms and is ideal for vaginal and oral sex. Some lubricants “sin” with stickiness and stains, but this one is just excellent, it does not leave any negative consequences. You can also take it with you on the road.


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