contraceptives for women over 30

Contraceptives for women after 30 years should be selected only after consulting a gynecologist. The specialist will take into account all the features of the body, the lady’s future plans for childbearing, as well as the saturation of her sexual life, and based on these factors, will choose the best method of protection. There are many options for modern contraceptives for women over 30, let’s look at the most popular and commonly used options.

The safest contraceptives for women over 30

To date, there are several options for protection, firstly, of course, these are condoms, secondly, hormonal preparations, and thirdly, spermicides. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to consider many factors when choosing one of them.

  1. Hormonal drugs. To begin with, let’s talk about such contraceptives for women after 30 years as hormonal pills. They have such advantages as ease and ease of administration, a fairly high degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy, and a relatively inexpensive cost. But, their main drawback is that women react very differently to the effects of hormones, for example, many complain that when taking pills, their sexual desire decreases, intimate joys become indifferent. Of course, such an effect does not always occur and in many respects its appearance will depend on how correctly the drug is selected. The most popular hormonal drugs today are Marvelon, Yarina, Janine and Belara, they rarely cause side effects and provide reliable protection.
  2. Candles. Now let’s look at such contraceptives for women after 30 years, like candles. In fact, these are spermicides, that is, not hormonal drugs. They are recommended for use by ladies whose sexual life is irregular, since such candles can be inserted into the vagina a few minutes before the onset of sexual intercourse and not used during the absence of intimate meetings. It is worth noting that the degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy in spermicides is somewhat lower than that of hormonal preparations, but they are still quite reliable.
  3. condoms. And finally, consider condoms familiar to almost everyone. As a rule, ladies over 30 do not use these latex products, firstly, they reduce the pleasure during sexual contact, both with them and with their partner, and secondly, the cost of good condoms is very high, it is cheaper to buy pills. But still, in some cases, gynecologists say that it would be wiser to use a condom, because when choosing which contraceptives are better to choose after 30 years, they take into account, among other things, the lady’s permanent partner. Unfortunately, latex products are the most reliable means of protection against genital infections today, neither pills nor spermicides are able to provide such safety. Therefore, if a woman often changes sexual partners, it would be wiser for her to stop at condoms.

Let’s sum it up in a nutshell:

  1. You should choose a means and method of contraception only together with a gynecologist, and not on the advice of girlfriends.
  2. Even if you receive advice and recommendations from a specialist, side effects may occur, in this situation the contraceptive must be changed.
  3. Before contacting a gynecologist, carefully consider whether you want to have children in the future, what hormonal changes you have seen recently. Such information is simply necessary for the accurate selection of the method.