condoms for women

More recently, we were surprised at how much the range of male condoms has expanded, and how far the imagination of designers has gone in this matter. Here you have different colors, and aromas, and shapes, and relief – for every look and even taste. Today, this may surprise only young people who are starting puberty. But, despite significant progress in the field of contraception, you can still meet surprised looks or exclamations when it comes to condoms for women. It must be admitted that this item is rarely found even in the arsenal of quite sophisticated lovers. And yet, is its use deservedly neglected?

Safety First

Most of us are so accustomed to the fact that a condom is an attribute of male contraception that the question of whether there are female condoms does not even arise. And they exist. The female condom – femidom – is generally similar to the male condom. Distinctive features are its width – about 8 cm in diameter, its consistency – made of highly elastic polyurethane, its structure – has 2 soft rings of different sizes at the beginning and end, acting as stiffeners.

One of the reasons why they heard about it, but do not use it, women cite the inconvenience of installation. Yes, this case requires practice, but do not dramatize. Once upon a time we did everything for the first time, and, having mastered the technique, we enjoyed simplicity. Same here.

How to use a female condom?

Before putting on a female condom, it is important to read the instructions in the package. In general terms, to insert a femidom inside, squeeze the ring located at the “deaf” end with your thumb and forefinger and carefully insert it inside. In this case, you can squat, lie down or put your foot on a chair. Gently inserting your index finger into the condom, push the contraceptive deeper inside. The ring will straighten inside and fix the condom. Owners of long nails should be especially careful, because. condoms are quite thin products, and inaccurate handling can damage them.

how to use a female condom

Surveys show that most women have been boldly using femidom for a long time. In addition, it can be inserted a few hours before contact and at a crucial moment not to waste time. Yes, this is not a cheap remedy, it is several times more expensive than conventional latex condoms. But it is not used by everyone, but for individual reasons. If this is your case, then after the question regarding the use of the female condom becomes clear, you will forget that you were originally tormented by doubts. Do not infringe on your own right to safe pleasure.