Common myths about the loss of innocence

There are a huge number of myths that are associated with the first sexual experience of a girl, that is, with the loss of virginity. They were clearly invented by people who do not understand this issue at all.

one. With age, the thickness of the hymen increases, which means that the loss of virginity will be accompanied by severe pain.

This is not true, since the thickness, size and density of the hymen for each girl is individual. Therefore, this myth should not be believed.

2. You can start having sex at the age of 14-15.

The hymen acts as a barrier between the female genital organs and the environment. This means that it prevents various infections from entering the internal genital organs until the microflora has formed there, which will protect the female body. Before the age of 18, it is not recommended to have sex, since during intercourse the vagina can be injured due to the thin layer of the epithelium. Such damage can contribute to the appearance of various inflammatory processes, as well as infertility.

3. Late initiation of sexual relations is harmful to health.

Many girls believe that acne on her face appeared due to the fact that she is still a virgin, but this is not so. Hormones are to blame, which have nothing to do with the presence of a hymen. Very often, the appearance of acne and headaches is affected by mental disorders.

four. To the gynecologist it is necessary to go only when you begin a sexual life.

This is a wrong opinion. The first time for a consultation with a gynecologist is necessary to come at the age of 7-8. The doctor will conduct an examination and draw conclusions about the health of the girl.

5. The rupture of the hymen is always accompanied by pain and bleeding.

If intimacy occurs with a person who really likes, and the girl is well aroused, then the appearance of pain is minimized. And at the expense of blood, everything is individual and depends on the thickness of the hymen and the number of blood vessels in it. There are times when during the first sexual intercourse, the hymen may not break, because due to its plasticity, it simply stretches.

6. The first sex should be with a man who is older and more experienced.

It is impossible to say so categorically, but an experienced partner is better than a beginner. The age of a man does not matter in sex.

7. Virginity is best lost in the bathroom.

As you know, warm water has a relaxing effect on a person, reduces nervous tension and reduces pain, but this does not apply to the first sex. Water washes away the natural lubrication of the vagina, and this is an obstacle to soft penetration.

eight. During the first sex, it is better not to use a condom.

Modern condom production uses new technologies and special lubricants. Thanks to this, the final product is thin, and the used lubricant improves slip, so it is better not to refuse a condom for the first sex.

9. It is impossible to get pregnant during the first sex.

Girls who believe in this myth find out after their first sex that they are pregnant. The egg is ready for fertilization when the girl is 11-12 years old.Common myths about the loss of innocence1 and even the presence of the hymen does not interfere with this process. Therefore, always think about protection, even during the first sex.

No need to believe all sorts of fairy tales that incompetent people come up with no idea why. For advice on this matter, it is better to turn to your mother or go to the doctor, but you do not need to listen to more experienced girlfriends. If you love your boyfriend and everything happens according to mutual desire, and you are really ready for this step, then there is no need to be afraid of anything, but just trust your body and partner.