24-year-old Laura created the educational project Clitorosity, for which she came up with this unusual way of promotion. The clitoris are drawn with anatomical accuracy, under them the name of the Instagram account is written (The social network is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation), where you can find out more. “We know a lot about the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, kidneys, but many people have absolutely no idea what the clitoris actually looks like,” Kingsley laments. “But it helps to understand female sexuality and get more pleasure!”

The idea came to her while in college, when she realized that “modern culture pays a lot of attention to sex. We are offered sex in advertisements, in magazines, in films, but we are not told about anatomy. Sex enlightenment Laura started in the hostel and realized that for many the structure of the clitoris was a revelation. Then she came up with an unusual way of promoting, so that people not only know where to go for information, but also see the clitoris for what it is.

The first drawing was made in October in New York’s Washington Park. It was simple enough. Laura drew a clitoris with friends, captioning the drawing: “Be interested in the clitoris!” And waited for a response.



“Many people came up and asked questions, it was great, because I didn’t know how they would react. People were interested, they wanted to talk about it and they left, shocked that they knew so little about the clitoris before. They said: “I’m so old, but I have no idea about it! It looks like an octopus,” says Kingsley. “And many did not understand what I was drawing at all, the first guesser appeared already in the twentieth drawing. It was in New Orleans , the man came up and said: “It’s the clitoris.” I asked how he knew, and he replied that he was a gynecologist!”

But her favorite reaction was received in London. A woman who was riding a bicycle with her two daughters stopped and admired: “Oh, it’s a clitoris! Whole! Girls, look, isn’t he beautiful? And when the girls asked what it was, she replied: “A beautiful part of your body!” We met eyes and wept.


But not everyone has such a positive reaction. Kingsley recalls that one day in New York, a family with three children walked by, and their mother was visibly annoyed and asked what they were doing. Kingsley told, and her friend asked, “Does that hurt you?” She replied: “No, but some things should remain private.” “I don’t blame her,” Laura says. “But I completely disagree, this information has remained a secret for so long!”

Situations like this inspire her. In addition to the US, she has already painted clitoris in the UK, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden. Before a trip, she always checks if this drawing will not go against the cultural traditions of the area. For example, in Portugal, she wrote “Voa, Pombinha” because this word, which means “little dove”, is used to teach girls anatomy.


What is she going to do next? “This is now the main way I spread the word,” says Kingsley. “But I’m looking for other ways to get people interested.” She hopes that the drawings will help to understand that the clitoris is not a tiny useless contraption, but a large internal structure responsible for pleasure: “We all deserve the pleasure that we are capable of, and the more you know about it, the easier it is to get it in full!”