clitoral orgasm

Almost every woman experiences a clitoral orgasm, since getting it usually does not cause much difficulty. And often after childbirth, a clitoral orgasm is the only possible one, because a ban on sexual intercourse with penetration is possible. But still, more often these experiences are associated with masturbation, but not everyone can achieve a clitoral orgasm during sex. So how to get it, let’s figure it out.

How to get a clitoral orgasm?

In principle, the answer to the question of how to achieve a clitoral orgasm is obvious – to stimulate the clitoris. But this does not always work out – many choose such positions for sex in which clitoral stimulation does not occur, or ladies, for some reason, are embarrassed to do it themselves. The latter, it should be noted, is a huge stupidity – what could be more natural than doing what brings the greatest pleasure? And even more so, you should not be silent about what pleases you, and do not connect your man to the caresses of the clitoris. We are talking about cunnilingus, if for some reason you refuse this type of caress, then you should try it, because this is a great way to achieve a clitoral orgasm. And hypocrisy and adherence to unknown moral standards invented by someone in sex is inappropriate. Well, in order to be able to stimulate the clitoris during sex with your hands, you should choose the right positions.

Positions for clitoral orgasm

In principle, the positions can be any in which it will be convenient for you or your partner to stimulate the clitoris with your hands. For example, a variation of the missionary position, when the hips are slightly raised, for convenience, you can put a pillow under the sacrum. Also, many ladies like to get a clitoral orgasm, lying on their side, when the man is behind. And of course, the famous pose “69”, where without it! On the one hand, it is good – partners have the possibility of simultaneous oral sex. But, there is also a minus – a man, having begun to enjoy, may forget about the need to continue caresses or be constantly distracted by his own feelings. Which is unacceptable for a woman who longs for a clitoral orgasm – the clitoris must be caressed constantly, a small break reduces all efforts to a minimum.

To understand what is right for you, you need to experiment and find the most comfortable position. Masturbation can also help in finding a comfortable position. Remember in what position it is most convenient for you to masturbate, in what position you most quickly achieve a clitoral orgasm. Perhaps the same position is suitable for sex.

Clitoral orgasm during pregnancy

It happens that during pregnancy, ladies are prescribed complete bed rest. But for some reason, sexually active pregnant women believe that only getting a vaginal orgasm is prohibited, but a clitoral orgasm obtained through oral sex or through masturbation is allowed to them. Nothing like that, the ban on sexual relations applies to all types of orgasms. Because during sexual discharge, whether it is clitoral or vaginal, blood flow to the genitals increases and the uterus contracts, which increases the risk of miscarriage.

how to get a clitoral orgasm

What is the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal one?

Many clitoral orgasm is considered inferior, and therefore they do not pay due attention to it, and in vain. Yes, there is a difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasm and it is significant – the clitoral one feels like a flash in the genital area, while the vaginal warm wave passes throughout the body. But a clitoral orgasm can make intercourse more intense, and besides, we remember that not all ladies get a vaginal orgasm with their partners. So leave your clitoris without attention is not worth it.