Oddly enough, if you ask most of the youth what “chastity” is, many will describe it as some kind of outdated phenomenon that is not at all relevant in the present. But, to be honest, there is nothing more sexy than being spiritually pure while remaining chaste.

Speaking in general, chastity is a wise attitude to life, the integrity of actions, thoughts, inner purity, the priority of the eternal, higher goals over instant, perishable pleasures.

Chaste girls don’t have to wear floor-length skirts. After all, chastity is a vital attitude both to oneself and to others.

Undoubtedly, such girls are especially attracted to men. No wonder the forbidden fruit is sweet. And to create a family, for a serious relationship, they are looking for just such personalities. After all, no one will refuse a wise wife.

The meaning of the word “chastity”

Historically, this word is used in various meanings, despite the close connection with the religious tradition. So, often chastity means virginity, self-control, moral rigor.

vow of chastity

It is known that chastity is a moral norm for all who profess Christianity. The vow of chastity is made at tonsure. It consists not only in the preservation of the virginity of the body, but also in the preservation of the purity of the spirit, thoughts, thinking. After all, sinful thoughts are interconnected. As soon as a person condemns someone, the desire for sinful passion can suddenly take possession of him. For religious reasons, the vow of chastity is also called celibacy. Celibacy is accepted by all those who have decided to devote their lives to the service of God.

chastity belt

In the history of mankind, there is this concept, which is a kind of device that locked a woman from male encroachment. It appeared in ancient Greece. The victims of this device were put on a “chastity belt” in order to save her from an unwanted pregnancy. After all, while carrying a child, the slaves could not work, and this did not benefit the slave owners. So the leather belt consisted of two parts: the first strip clasped the woman’s waist, the second, in turn, passed between her legs. Such devices were widely used in the Middle Ages.

The leather belt was nothing more than a true instrument of torture. After all, this bulky design consisted of a large number of locks that covered the entire lower part of the woman. It provided a small hole to meet natural needs. Not to mention personal hygiene.

One single key to such a belt was kept by the spouse.

Chastity and seduction are opposite concepts. And in the modern world, despite the widespread use of the latter, the former is highly valued.

vow of chastity

So, it will not be superfluous to note that Caucasian chastity is almost the main factor in choosing a future wife. After all, chastity and purity preserve the honor and dignity of each kind to this day. No one is eager to tarnish history with some kind of “dirty marriage.” This suggests that the preservation of chastity before marriage is an important tradition among the Caucasian peoples. And therefore, the girls of the Caucasus sacredly keep their purity for their future chosen one, unlike most of today’s youth, which means chastity, its preservation should be brought up from childhood.

It is worth noting that in the present, such a concept as male chastity is common. These are men who can be quite successful in life, but who are obsessed with achieving high goals, not allowing themselves to fill their heads with momentary pleasure.

So, at present, chastity is relevant. It has always been valued, and will be valued much more than promiscuity, availability. After all, a chaste person respects and loves himself, which means that others will treat him the same way.