#NoNutNovember is an Internet challenge (called “Nedrochabr” in Runet), in which its male participants completely refuse sex and masturbation for a month.

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The rules of the challenge are simple:


  • You can not have sex, masturbate and satisfy yourself in any other form.
  • It’s okay to watch pornography and get excited, but you can’t touch yourself.
  • It is allowed to watch “wet dreams”, but masturbation is still not allowed.

Why is all this necessary? It is hard to say. The challenge originated on the social network Reddit back in 2010. It was originally a comic version of No Shave November, which was held in 2004. The male version of the challenge was proposed by a guy with the nickname bicboi6969696969. Well, yes, you immediately feel that this type could be trusted!

Although #NoNutNovember was mentioned as early as 2010, it became widespread in 2017. In fact, this challenge is part of a larger movement known as the No Fap Challenge. It brings together men who have made the decision to completely stop masturbation in order to “cleanse the body and mind.”


Is it harmful?

There is no set number of ejaculations per day, week or month to achieve any particular result. There are no studies that unambiguously link ejaculation to any specific benefits. What about arousal? It’s a completely different story. Arousal is closely associated with an increase in oxytocin and dopamine.

Oxytocin is associated with positive emotions, comfort in social and intimate environments, and stress reduction. Dopamine is also associated with positive emotions.

Among the Taoists, there is a belief that controlling the frequency of ejaculation helps to preserve male energy. It is believed that refraining from ejaculation allows the energy contained in semen to return to the brain and supply it with energy. Through this practice, the idea of ​​”24 times a year” was born. Some Taoist teachers recommend that you only ejaculate 20-30% of the time you have sex.

But there is no exact data that abstinence will give a man any advantages. There are also no studies to show that abstinence leads to unwanted side effects or complications.

In general, if you want to try something new – go ahead! True, it is unlikely that it will bring any benefit.