What is a uterine (cervical, cervical) orgasm?

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If you haven’t skipped anatomy, then you know that the cervix is ​​​​a kind of transition from the uterus to the vagina (at its very depth you can feel the vaginal part of the cervix). It is called the gate of life, because it is through it that the baby leaves the womb during childbirth.


The orgasm associated with the cervix is ​​the most powerful of all types of female climax: if you relax properly, you can feel it all over your body.

How is it different from other types of orgasm?

The clitoral orgasm has a fairly clear mechanism and is localized in the pelvic region: a few contractions in the clitoral region – and the sensations subside. It is similar to what a man usually experiences at such a moment.

The cervical orgasm is closer to what Tantra experts call a “whole body orgasm” or an extended orgasm. He is not so simple. Pleasure is not experienced at one specific point – it permeates the entire body and rolls in waves that roll from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Tantra practitioners are able to keep it going for hours, as opposed to a clitoral orgasm, which usually lasts for seconds.


If a clitoral orgasm is like going up and down a mountain, then a cervical (and G-spot) orgasm is like riding hills of varying heights. You take off to the top, ride on a small plateau, take off to the next one – and so on several times.


The cervix, says Kim, is the point of reflexology for the heart. Its stimulation causes the strongest feelings of love and spiritual involvement in something higher. It’s like taking the first love and multiplying by 10. It can also be compared with the sensations when you have a good cry and feel every cell of your being cleansed and renewed. You are literally bathed in bliss.

Can it be achieved with traditional vaginal sex?

Yes, this is the best way. Or with a very long and thick dildo.


How can a woman get comfortable with deep penetration?

Indeed, women often shy away from having the cervix hurt, because the sensations out of the habit can be a little painful. It is best to warm up in other sexual positions, and then it will be easy to move on to cervical stimulation (in other words, when the penis rubs against the cervix).

Start gradually: the woman should relax and open up to the movements of her partner. She needs to trust him, feel comfortable and safe.

What else can interfere with this type of orgasm is a weak vagina. Kim strongly recommends doing exercises to strengthen his muscles, such as using jade eggs. (fitness machines for female practices, which are really heavy polished pieces of jade in the shape of an egg and successfully strengthen the corresponding muscles).


Kim assures that one of her students was so trained that her partner asked her to stop – and this is after the birth of three children! In addition, she can “massage” him after the act with her internal muscles.

What are the best positions for achieving a uterine orgasm?

Doggy style, no doubt.

Can all women experience a uterine orgasm?


The beauty of the uterine orgasm is that it is like a barometer. If you are emotionally open to yourself and to your partner, the likelihood that it will happen is much higher. If you’ve had a fight and haven’t made up, or you’re going through hard times in your relationship, it will make itself felt in bed. And will block these most powerful orgasms.

Orgasm is liberation. If something holds you back, then nothing will work for you.

Kim has worked with women who come home after her class and have a uterine orgasm just because she told them they could. Before that, they considered themselves “one of those women who are not capable of this.”

It’s not always easy, but it’s possible.