Many people know how it happens. Sometimes it seems that just about everything will work out, but you just can’t step over the edge; then extraneous thoughts are spinning in my head; then he does everything wrong or does not care at all to help you a little. Some women don’t even know what an orgasm is. We won’t be surprised by this, but just listen to what experts, including sexologist Dr. Rachel Ross and sex therapist Vanessa Marin, have to say about why a girl can’t cum.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

How many women do not have an orgasm according to statistics

Why is it hard for a girl to cum? Some women get it all on their own, but never have an orgasm with a partner. Other girls do not manage to finish at all, but for some of them, orgasm still comes with age. A survey conducted by the American VOICE showed that 16% of girls aged 18-24 cannot receive sexual release. By the age of 25-29, this figure drops to 8%, and after 30 years, another 4% of women manage to solve this problem.

However, not everyone is so eager to solve it. While one tries all possible means in desperation, the other shrugs her shoulders and calmly goes about other things. The truth, as always, lies in the middle: it might be worth a try. But to go in cycles on why some girls do not finish, of course, is useless.

The female orgasm and its health benefits

Let’s set aside for a while the question of why a girl doesn’t cum during sex, but let’s figure out why even chase an orgasm. The female orgasm is actually a very healthy thing. It is important to understand what you are missing if you cannot cum during sex. Orgasm starts the process of strong psycho-emotional release. At these moments, a hormonal storm of bliss rages in the woman’s body, which introduces her into an altered state of consciousness. Simply put, pins bless you. After a strong shake-up, total relaxation occurs.

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Muscles relax so much that spasms that disrupt blood circulation disappear. There is a state of peace and grace. In consciousness, the internal dialogue is silent for a while, which in most cases never stops in normal wakefulness. All this has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. And if this does not happen, it remains to reflect on why the woman does not finish, and what to do about it.

Why girls don’t cum during sex

The reasons for the lack of orgasm in women can be very different. Orgasm depends on many factors. Psychological, physical, emotional. These problems can be eliminated in many cases. Just because it never worked out doesn’t mean it never will. The most common mistake is when a woman focuses on having an orgasm instead of enjoying it.

Sex can be good without an orgasm. You can think for hours why the girl does not finish, or you can just relax and have fun. As one woman who never climaxed said, “I don’t think I’ve missed anything in my life. It’s normal and I’m not going to go out of my way to make this happen.” Dr. Ross agrees: If you don’t experience discharge, you can still enjoy sex.

Whatever the reason why the girl does not cum, a frank conversation with a partner and contacting a specialist will help you understand yourself and learn how to have fun.

Why You Shouldn’t Fake an Orgasm

An appalling number of women fake an orgasm for various reasons. 67% admitted it. 97% of them do it in order to quickly get off, because they spare the feelings of a partner, or for both of these reasons at once. It’s easier for a girl to pretend than to explain why she doesn’t finish for a long time. We have already talked about the dangers of such a model of behavior, and more than once.

Communication with a partner is the key to solving all problems, including this one. it is important for a partner to know why his girlfriend does not cum during vaginal contact, and what can be done to still bring her to orgasm. If you remain silent, like a partisan under interrogation, then he will remain in the dark. Try to guide him with precise and detailed instructions. Men love specifics. If you are embarrassed to speak, physically direct you to where you are pleased.

Why it’s bad to fake an orgasm: real stories

Often the problem lies in the fact that a man has false ideas about what women like. People don’t talk about it every step of the way. As a result, many guys who have the best intentions and who really want to be good lovers act wrong, because their picture of the intimate world is distorted by false ideas. Or their previous partners faked an orgasm instead of teaching them, and now these guys think they are doing everything right and wonder why the girl “doesn’t want” to come.

Should I see a doctor if you can’t cum?

If there were orgasms before, and then they disappeared, it makes sense to figure out why the girl stopped cumming. As with male orgasms, which can disappear with new medications, women can also stop experiencing orgasms from medications. If you notice a connection, consult your doctor. He may be able to find a different dosage or a different drug.

If the problem bothers you, feel free to contact a sex therapist. How do you know when it’s time to see a doctor? If you feel that the lack of an orgasm spoils your entire sex life, and it occupies all your thoughts, then it’s time to seek help from a specialist, at least for the sake of support. The doctor will figure out why the girl does not have an orgasm, and what can be done to return it.

It is necessary not only to find out the reasons for the lack of orgasm in women (and personally in you!), but also to take your orgasm into your own hands. In all senses. The big mistake is to wait for it to just come by itself. This is not a reflex, like sneezing: tickled in the nose – and that’s it, the body reacted as expected from it. Orgasm is more of a skill and a skill. You have to learn how to test it, practice it, figure out how it works. If you can’t do it, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. This means that you have the opportunity to learn it.

What does a woman need to have an orgasm?

The question of what to do if a girl cannot cum or has stopped cum during sex is even more important than the question of why she does not have an orgasm. One of the main ways to return or get the desired orgasm is to make contact with your own body. For this, sports and yoga are very suitable. Improved coordination, gives an understanding of how different parts of the skeletal muscles work, which increases sensitivity and confidence in your body.

Sex positions for orgasm

Also, if you have stopped cumming from a penis or masturbation, various types of massage help to increase the ability to navigate in your own body. Only during the sessions it is important to observe your feelings and draw conclusions about your sensitivity. By the way, note to the guys: if you care why the girl does not cum from the penis, try to give her a massage and watch the reaction.

In addition to contact with the body, if you stop cumming from sex, you need to take control of your emotions. Often, emotional problems lead to bodily constriction. In addition, if you do not control your emotions, then it may be difficult to choose a partner and create mutually pleasant sensual contact with him, which directly affects the achievement of orgasm and is one of the main reasons for a woman’s lack of orgasm.

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