Can you get pregnant with a condom?

can you get pregnant with a condom

Despite the huge choice of contraception, the number of abortions continues to grow. At least that’s what the statistics say. Moreover, the age of girls attending an abortion clinic is getting smaller. Perhaps the problem lies in the sexual illiteracy of today’s youth. But it was possible to avoid unwanted pregnancy by practicing sex with a condom.

How likely is it to get pregnant with a condom?

The question “Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom?” is quite relevant. Today, every pharmacy kiosk sells condoms of any size. But how reliable is this type of contraception? Of course, contraceptives that give a complete guarantee of the absence of pregnancy do not exist. However, the chance of getting pregnant while using a condom is only 2%. Naturally, when used correctly.

The risk of getting pregnant with a condom increases significantly if the partner’s penis is of decent size. The contraceptive is usually made of latex, which has the ability to stretch, but not to infinity. Therefore, with strong stretching, cracks form on the condom, through which spermatozoa freely penetrate into the vagina. Thus, the chances of pregnancy when using a condom increase. Moreover, the cracks are so small that it is impossible to notice the violation of the integrity of the protective equipment with the naked eye.

The likelihood of getting pregnant with a condom increases even more if a rubber product breaks during intercourse. This can happen in case of incorrect selection of the size of the contraceptive or due to insufficient lubrication from the partner. To prevent tearing, use a special water-based lubricant or extend the foreplay. Incorrect selection of contraception and non-compliance with elementary rules of use increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy up to 15%.

Correct use of a condom

So, can you get pregnant with a condom? If you strictly follow the rules of use, the risk of pregnancy will be minimal.

  1. Often, a partner feels discomfort during intercourse due to an incorrectly worn condom. He stops, removes the contraceptive and puts it back on. As a result, the risk of unwanted pregnancy increases. Therefore, when using a condom, make sure that it unwinds easily enough. This is an indicator of correct use.
  2. Carefully open the package without using your teeth or improvised means. If the contraceptive is damaged, the likelihood of pregnancy is high.
  3. condom use

  4. Remember, you should use a condom from the very beginning of sexual intercourse, and not just before the end of the love process. A small amount of semen is contained in the lubrication and the penetration of spermatozoa into the vagina is possible even before the completion of sex.
  5. When buying contraceptives, pay attention to the expiration date of the condom.
  6. If the contraceptive breaks, stop intercourse to avoid unwanted consequences.
  7. Use additional lubricant with care. It can negatively affect the integrity of the condom. The most suitable lubricant is water-based, which does not harm the latex.

In terms of reliability, the condom ranks fifth. But, the chance of getting pregnant when using a condom is much lower than when having sex without one.