Can a virgin get pregnant?

Can a virgin get pregnant

A virgin is considered a girl who has not had sex with the obligatory penetration of the penis into the vagina. Confirmation of virginity is the presence of a hymen, a special fold of the mucous membrane that covers the entrance to the vagina. Many girls think that this “barrier” protects against pregnancy in case of accidental penetration of spermatozoa during petting. How right they are and whether it is possible for a virgin to get pregnant, we will try to figure it out now.

What is the theoretical probability of a virgin getting pregnant?

The risk of unwanted pregnancy exists for any girl of puberty with a regular menstrual cycle, even if penetration of the penis into the vagina has not occurred. Sometimes, petting is enough to get a small amount of a man’s sperm into the vagina. Further, it all depends on the activity and vitality of spermatozoa. The simple act of ejaculating on the labia can already lead to pregnancy.

The hymen has an unusually high elasticity. Often, during normal sexual contact, the hymen is stretched, but not torn, remaining intact. Therefore, having some practical experience, the girl formally remains a virgin. In addition, the opening of the hymen is sometimes so large that sexual intercourse can take place without breaking. And the partner may not be aware that regularly having sex, from a medical point of view, is still a virgin.

There are cases when, when a girl enters the maternity ward, it turns out that the hymen is still preserved. In this case, the midwife removes the hymen so that it does not interfere with childbirth.

It turns out that formal virginity does not guarantee the absence of pregnancy. Therefore, the risk of becoming pregnant is no less than that of any woman who has sexual intercourse without contraception.

It turns out that theoretically the answer to the question “Is it possible to get pregnant while remaining a virgin?” – positive.

But, can a girl with sexual experience be called a virgin? Virginity is not only a physiological state of a woman. This word also denotes innocence and inexperience. Can a virgin get pregnant in practice? In fact, the risk of pregnancy for a true virgin, that is, a girl without sexual experience, is zero. Unless she decides to resort to the procedure of artificial insemination.

How can a virgin avoid an unwanted pregnancy?

Today morals are much softer than in the old days. Therefore, young people do not find anything reprehensible in caresses that exclude direct sexual contact. virgin pregnancyBut, even if there is no penetration into the vagina of the partner’s penis, you should take care of contraceptives to eliminate the risk of pregnancy.

The use of a condom is an excellent solution, as it reliably protects the girl from both unplanned conception and the development of infectious diseases. Unfortunately, not all young people are ready to sacrifice vivid sensations for the safety of their partner.

Contraceptives such as spermicides and suppositories without the presence of hormonal substances give a good effect. They destroy spermatozoa, depriving them of activity. In the absence of regular sexual intercourse, it is not recommended to use oral contraceptives based on hormones. Although manufacturers constantly talk about their safety, drugs have a large number of contraindications and can harm a young, fragile body.