Calendar method of contraception

calendar method of contraception

One way to plan a family is to prevent pregnancy using a calendar. This method begins with the fact that the woman must calculate the estimated day of ovulation and refrain from sexual intercourse on the days that are the most suitable days for conception. These days are called the fertile period and are the seven days before and after ovulation.

The method of protection according to the calendar is one of the most reliable “contraceptives”. There are many other ways to prevent pregnancy, but natural methods are safer. Spermatozoa can live in the vagina for a couple of hours, and in the cervix they can “stretch” for about three days, sometimes a week. After leaving the ovary for a day, the egg can be fertilized.

For proper protection from pregnancy according to the calendar, it is necessary to count the cycle of menstruation for twelve months. But for women with irregular menstruation, this method is not suitable.

How to calculate pregnancy protection on a calendar?

To correctly calculate the days on which you can get pregnant, there is a certain formula:

  1. The fertile period is equal to the duration of the shortest cycle minus eighteen days.
  2. The end of the fertile period is equal to the duration of the shortest cycle minus eleven days.

For example, according to observations of twelve cycles, the shortest for the entire year is 26 days. The longest cycle is thirty-two days. So, the most favorable days for conceiving a child are the days of the cycle from the eighth to the twenty-first. Therefore, in order to prevent fertilization, it is better to refrain from sex or use condoms and other methods of contraception. Already from the 21st day and from the first to the eighth day you can not protect yourself.

natural protection against pregnancy

To date, natural methods of protection are the safest for women's health, as a result of which they are quite popular. But with such protection, there are drawbacks, due to which such methods are not possible for some couples.

birth control calendar

Natural protection has many advantages:

  • health safety;
  • no side effects;
  • involvement of both spouses in the process;
  • improving family relationships;
  • no financial costs.

By the way, a more accurate ovulation can be determined using the symptothermal method. This method is the observation of changes in rectal temperature, as well as the consistency of cervical mucus.