1. Having sex or watching porn every day is not a sign of addiction.

It has nothing to do with the frequency of sex, but rather how the infatuation affects your life, relationships, and especially whether you want to stop when you indulge in an addiction.


2. If he thinks that you often want sex, this is also not a sign.

It’s more of a relationship issue. Unless, of course, this conversation happens fifteen times a day.

3. Not all addicts like to have sex.

Some people need it to manage negative emotions, and not for pleasure. The process itself is important to them, and not sex as such.

4. It is not always associated with childhood trauma.

Sexual abuse in childhood can be one of the causes of addiction. But many people who grew up in healthy families became so, for example, because of the availability of porn films.

5. Not all of them are men

Women and undecideds can also be preoccupied with sex beyond measure. This can manifest itself in the desire for a variety of relationships in one period of time, propensity for one-night stands, videotaping of sexual acts, and so on.


6. She can be cured

Sex addiction is a state at the intersection of passion and illness, and it is quite possible to establish a normal sex life. The sooner a person seeks help, the sooner sex will stop poisoning his life and will again become a pleasant way to spend time.

7. You can be an addict without sex.

For example, love films for adults, virtual or telephone sex, and for a splash of emotions – self-satisfaction.