“Could you forgive betrayal?” This question has been asked by everyone at least once in their life. Many believe that an affair on the side is unacceptable. But there is also an opposite opinion: for example, the British Rachel Foster from Preston assures that she has experienced how great it is to have a lover. She assured that fleeting novels only energized her, rejuvenated and even seemed to have a positive effect on her appearance.

It all started unexpectedly for her. Rachel was in a relationship with James, and everything was going well for them, when suddenly a spark jumped between her and her married colleague. While her passion with her boyfriend faded (dinners in restaurants were replaced by sitting on phones in different rooms), attraction to a colleague grew. Rachel’s self-esteem fell, she ate 13 kg under stress. The conversations did not lead to anything, and then the girl decided to take revenge on her lover by spending the night with a colleague.

The sex was so passionate and bright that Rachel instantly came to life – a light appeared in her eyes. And lovers began to meet regularly. At first, the British woman was tormented by guilt, but she continued to meet with her colleague and carefully concealed the traces of betrayal. Then the feeling of shame was replaced by interest and a sense of emancipation: Rachel began to lose weight, began to buy sexy underwear, became interested in experiments in bed.

The romance on the side lasted three months: their relationship ended immediately after the colleague reconciled with his wife. But Rachel could not improve her relationship and after two years she left her boyfriend. The Briton notes that the gap did not break her. On the contrary, thanks to the affair, she realized that she deserved better. With all this, Rachel claims that even if she meets a worthy man, she does not rule out an affair on the side. To sparkle the eyes, so to speak.