bizarre sex

You can diversify your life and get a lot of new sensations in different ways – someone jumps with a parachute, someone tames wild animals, and many try unusual sex. Intimate relationships can be changed almost endlessly – try new positions, change the environment, or even change partners.

Homosexual relationships are also unusual. Of course, in the opinion of society, the position of traditional sex is more manifest, but there are people who are physiologically able to get satisfaction in sex only with a same-sex partner. But there are those (according to statistics, especially girls) who strive for same-sex love only for new sensations.

Along with traditional genital sex, there are unusual types of sex – oral, anal, sex without penetration, etc. Everyone gets the peak of pleasure from different sensations, it all depends on the partners and their imagination. Each couple can try several types of carnal pleasures and compare emotions from various acts. If oral sex is more suitable for a couple, then in this area it is necessary to come up with different images, poses, change the environment, and so on.

How to make sex unusual?

Often a man may notice that some of his partners are simply drawn with irresistible force, even though he loves a completely different woman. This happens because the sensations of sexual contact with her are simply unique. Many mistresses come up with unusual ideas for sex in order not to let go of the desired man. So, for example, they appear in the form of an empress and create a suitable atmosphere, that is, they curtain the windows with heavy curtains, put candles, fill the room with delicate aromas, cover the bed with silks, etc. The instinct of a conqueror of something higher and rebellious works in a man, the luxury of decoration also brings a sense of grandeur.

Others create the atmosphere of a massage parlor, master the basics of Thai massage techniques and seduce a man during a pleasant “procedure”.

Role-playing games always bring novelty and unusualness to love relationships. Their range is almost endless – it all depends on your imagination. Of course, for men, those games where he is the dominant character are preferable – the master and the slave (or governess), the sultan and the concubine, etc.

But there are equal games from ordinary life that many couples turn on. For example, a man transforms into a plumber, policeman, fireman, etc., and a woman plays the role of a teacher, nurse, etc. In such an environment, all secret desires are released, which previously arose deep in the subconscious in standard everyday situations.

Changing standard poses will also make lovemaking an unusual experience. For example, to master the poses of the Kama Sutra, you need a great stretch, and often weeks of training.

How unusual to have sex?

A change of scenery is one of the important moments for the diversity of the sexual sphere. If you try to make love in the water, and not on the usual bed, then unusual sex is guaranteed to you. To do this, you can retire to a clean pond or lake. The most exciting moments during intercourse you can how to make sex unusualsurvive in sea water (by the way, such sex is good for women's health, because sea water helps to normalize the microflora of the vagina). If you live in a luxurious house, then a pool in the yard will do.

In your own courtyard, you can find other unusual places for having sex - a large swing. Sitting comfortably at dusk on the swing sofa, you can have an unforgettable experience. In the evening pleasure, you can add notes of romance - candles, wine, flowers.

Extreme couples manage to make love on top of a mountain or underwater, but it takes physical preparation and years of hardening.