Benefits of sex

benefits of sex

Intimate intimacy, in addition to momentary pleasure, also brings quite a lot of health benefits for both partners. The benefits of sex is one of the significant factors in the treatment of a large number of diseases of the neurological type, which includes severe depression. There are many books written in the world and a flock, the authors of which are trying to understand what is the use of sex. For example, it has been scientifically proven that during orgasm, the human body produces the “hormone of joy”, endorphin, and serotonin, which helps the body to effectively resist stress. In addition, he is responsible for the error-free transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. So, let’s consider whether there is any benefit from sex and how physical intimacy affects a woman’s body.

The benefits of regular sex

Foreign researchers claim that people who have regular sex complain much less about insomnia than those who abstain from sexual intercourse. This is due to the property of the same endorphins produced after orgasm. They relax the cells, causing drowsiness, but at the same time give a person a feeling of joy and peace. Another benefit of regular sex is that women have higher estrogen levels. It prevents the development of heart disease.

The health benefits of sex for women also lie in the fact that during intercourse, the blood moves faster through the vessels, at the same time, breathing quickens, which leads to the enrichment of blood with oxygen. This, in turn, cleanses all organs, including the liver and brain. If sex is intense, then harmful toxins and heavy metal are excreted with sweat.

The benefits of oral sex

This type of intimacy is beneficial because male and female secretions have unique compositions. Scientists have proven that semen contains substances that can improve the condition of the breast, skin, figure, and teeth. The benefit of this type of sex for girls is that it burns calories (for example, 26 minutes of fellatio can "neutralize" the food eaten). Semen contains the hormone prostaglandin, which stimulates the production of estrogen in the female body. Male sperm has a healing effect on various stress-related stomach diseases, because it contains amino acids and lipids.

The benefits of morning sex

The health benefits of morning sex are that, without exaggeration, such sex is a kind of morning exercise. The coming day after such an awakening, you are guaranteed to meet in a good mood. And by the way, in the period from 7 to 9 am, the production of testosterone in the male body is maximum, which means that you don’t have to worry about the benefits of quality sex.

Scottish scientists have proven that morning sex normalizes blood pressure and helps to cope with stress. It is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases, migraines, diabetes, headaches and helps to cope with PMS more easily. Since the benefits of such intimacy are known, it’s worth talking about what harm morning sex can do.

The most important disadvantage of this process in the morning may be that, being sleepy, you can forget about contraceptives, while surrendering to pleasure. As a result, there may be not entirely pleasant consequences in the form of an unexpected pregnancy. Therefore, always keep contraceptives next to the bed.

The benefits of sex without a condom

benefits of oral sex

Scottish physiologist Stuart Brody claims that making love without a condom is the benefit of sex for both the mental and physical female body. This indicates the strengthening of trusting contacts between partners. In addition, there is a natural, and quite necessary, exchange of necessary hormones.

Finally, it is important to note that sex in any form helps to stabilize the female emotional background, sometimes distracting her. Sometimes this helps to get rid of her oppressive problems. And do not forget that it depends largely on you whether you will benefit from having sex or not.