Size matters

Namely, the size of the bathroom. A romantic date in the water is better to arrange in a hotel jacuzzi, and not in the bathroom of the “Khrushchev” inherited from your grandmother. Firstly, believe me, you will be cramped, and in cramped conditions in this particular case, you are very offended, because no one wants to sit in cooling water, resting their knees on each other. Secondly, if you are seriously going to have sex in the bathroom, keep in mind that either you will have water at the very bottom, or it will all be on the floor from your movements.


If possible, have sex in a pot rather than a mug, and if not, choose a shower.

Petals and candles

The most frequent companions of lovers in the bathroom. For some reason, it seems to many that if you fill the water with dried flowers, the atmosphere will immediately become languid. But health and common sense are most important, so be mindful of blockages. Petals that have fallen into the pipe remain in the pipe. And meeting the passions of a plumber after a night and explaining to him why you have a whole herbarium in your pipe is so-so entertainment.

As for candles, remember that if the room is small, they quickly burn out the air. Candles, placed on the side of the bathroom, look good only in magazines and American melodramas. In real life, you are more likely to push them into the water on a wrong turn. At best, you will get off with a slight fright, at worst, you will earn a burn.


wet fantasies

The bathroom is good for foreplay, but not for the most penetrative sex, because water washes away your natural lubrication. No matter how absurd it may sound, but the water is terribly dry. You will quickly feel it after penetration. A few frictions – and friction becomes unpleasant and even painful.

You can stock up on artificial lube, but it’s better to just have a little fun in the water, and for deeper communication, go to land.


Hot water increases the chance that the condom will slip or break. The fact is that hot chlorinated water can affect the quality and integrity of the condom – manufacturers do not test products in water, so you take all the risks. And hot water, by the way, is a wonderful and cozy place for bacteria to breed. This is another argument in favor of having sex in bed rather than in the bathroom.