Beautiful sex positions

beautiful positions in sex

There is no limit to perfection. This phrase can also be attributed to sex, in which there are a considerable number of beautiful poses. In the “Kama Sutra” even true sexual gourmets will find what they have been looking for for a long time. They say that life is not enough to practice all the positions that are described in this book of love. We have selected for you a list of the most beautiful sex positions that do not require special physical fitness and unimaginable flexibility from both partners.

Beautiful sex in different positions

  1. “Like a dog”. Many couples often practice this pose. Of course, some will help argue as to whether she is beautiful. Its positive side is that the posture provides the maximum depth of penetration of the phallus, contributing to intensive stimulation of the anterior wall of the vagina. Also, the partner has the opportunity to caress the clitoris, the chest of his beloved.
  2. “Woman on Top”. Sex in the Cowgirl position is not only beautiful, but also a favorite for men. This position allows the partner to relax, giving the reins of sexual power to his partner. Its advantage is that, leaning back a little, a woman better stimulates the G-spot with the help of the male penis.
  3. “Bud”. In this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs resting on her partner’s shoulders. The positive side of this position is that the partner caresses the body of the beloved woman with his hands. The angle of penetration of the penis is changed in comparison with the “Missionary”, which has similarities with the “Bud”. Deep penetration is possible.
  4. Like a dog Like a dog bud
  5. “Twisted Horsewoman” allows the partner to enjoy the curves of female forms, which undoubtedly has an exciting effect. The woman, in turn, sets the pace for the movements.
  6. “Missionary” is both convenient, simple and practical. In such a classic position, sex will be beautiful, first of all, when a man controls the whole process, or rather, he occupies a dominant position. It is especially recommended for those who are just starting to master the charms of intimate life.
  7. Pose “Spoons”. Its advantage is that it does not require much effort from both partners, and for pregnant women it is she who is optimal. “Spoon” has a positive effect on the prostate gland in men and stimulates the cherished G-spot in women.
  8. turned rider missionary spoon pose
  9. “French Kiss” or, as this position is also called, “69” allows both partners, either simultaneously or alternately, to enjoy oral sex.
  10. “Standing” refers to the most beautiful positions from behind, in which sex can be practiced in fairly small rooms, incl. and in showers.
  11. “Face to face” allows you to look your partner in the eyes throughout the lovemaking, communicating only through touch and friction.
  12. French Kiss standing face to face