astral sex

astral sex

Surely, many of us have heard or come across such a concept as the astral body. This is the kind of matter that envelops our physical body, and directly depends on the energy and characteristics of our nature.

When our astral body enters another world, we can not only take walks to any place, experience real emotions, but also have sex in the astral without physical contact. There is no need to think about elementary contraception, since the act itself is carried out on a subconscious level. In our article, we will introduce you to this non-traditional and interesting way of getting pleasure and satisfying the natural needs of a person.

What is astral sex?

Researchers in the field of esotericism argue that in the astral plane, a normal human life is also possible, with all earthly goods, including sex, only without the reunification of physical bodies. When one of the partners, for example, dies, and the close relationship of the two people is interrupted, then astral love can be continued. This kind of sexual relationship is quite common in the practice of those who love to travel for a long time and yearn for a loved one.

At the moment when the human body is in the astral state, during such intimacy, a certain energy exchange occurs, which causes feelings of ecstasy, delight, painfully reminiscent of an orgasm. Thus, a person who does not have the opportunity to physically make love can find a worthy partner for having sex in the astral plane, traveling through the worlds of his own subconscious. However, it is better not to rush with the choice, because in the astral plane, there is no time, and sometimes, you can stumble upon a certain creature that can take on a variety of guises that does not justify your intentions and hopes over time.