The blog evo_lutio reports that bare legs at 40 is vulgar. Why? Yes, because at forty you can still be considered beautiful (with a stretch, of course), but definitely not sexy.

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It is somehow written a little differently, it seems to be more delicate and wise, but the meaning is exactly the same: beautiful, but not hot.


Okay, here’s a quote: “No matter how beautiful her legs are, it will mean an aggressive and even obsessive display of her sexuality. For teenagers and young girls – no, it doesn’t mean, but for her – yes. ”

Blogger Natalya Laurel argues with this opinion on her own territory: she assures that short skirts and bare legs have never been about sex, it was about emancipation, convenience, freedom. This is a good point, of course. And partly true.

But let’s be honest: all bare arms and legs are always about sex, directly or indirectly.

And the fact that people claim that sexuality is shameful at forty is the most ugly misogyny, ageism and, most definitely, some terrible personal fears.

In the beautiful text “Mistakes of an Adult Woman” they write that the body in these advanced years can still be beautiful, but you can’t hide your face, and it makes it clear that you, my dear, are not a girl, and therefore behave with dignity, sui legs in trousers, remember your husband, home and children (even if you don’t have them).


Thank you, people, for considering yourself so smart and subtle, so wise, that you say to women: “Bury, aunts, your sexuality, it is now only for gynecologists.”


Thank you for considering a cheerful and beautiful woman of forty not drop dead enough to show a good figure. Thank you on behalf of even Anna Del Russo, whose skin, figure, and face look far from perfect, but this does not prevent her from dressing very boldly, because she herself and millions of her fans consider her stunning. Thank you on behalf of millions of European women, the same Italians who walk with these bare legs, arms, breasts in their fifties – and look as sexy as you could not even dream of in your notorious twenty. At fifteen.


Yes, of course, who argues, at forty you do not look as fresh as at eighteen. So what? Come on, surprise me, tell me how the hell this is bad or unsexy!

Tom Hardy had wrinkles as deep as a century-old oak on his face already in his thirties. And does he look older or worse? Is he less sexy? Or maybe he’s funny bare-chested? David Beckham advertises underwear at forty, despite the fact that he has the face of a fully grown man. Michael Fassbender has been wrinkled since childhood, but this does not prevent girls from fainting at the sight of him dressed or naked.

And there is no need for any nonsense, please, about the fact that for a man there are some standards, and for women – allegedly different. These standards were invented in the Bronze Age, and quite modern bloggers like evo_lutio fan the flames out of them. And usually it’s women. Men, when they see beautiful female legs, do not worry who they are attached to – a 19-year-old girl or a 45-year-old woman.


At twenty, forty, fifty and seventy, nothing can stop a woman from being sexy. And not so, you know, modestly, in a trouser suit and a scarf around the neck (we cover wrinkles!) Sexy, but fully, like at fifteen. There are no rules, no pseudo-ethics. If you’re alive and hot, age doesn’t matter.

These comparisons with Europe have already wound up a little, but, excuse me, I have to, because it’s true that right behind Poland, women seem to have no idea that even at seventy they should be ashamed of their body just because it has grown old. Yes, they go in both short and tight, and their hands open, which for some reason is considered the most terrible sin among Russian women. In Russians, knees, elbows, and armpits “grow old”. And this, of course, is a nightmare and a shame.



Reading about “the mistakes of an adult woman,” I feel as if I’m walking along a quiet street in the evening, it’s spring in the yard and it smells of jasmine, and then suddenly dirty bastards jump out from around the corner, press me against the garbage heap and knock bags on my head: “ I put on a short skirt, boobs without a bra, horror, horror, abomination, disgusting!

I’m forty-three, my boyfriend is twelve years younger, I love sex, I do it on average fifteen times a week – and now you will tell me for all women that at forty sexuality is already ridiculous ?! Tell that to my boyfriend.

I don’t look younger, I’m not fifteen at heart, but specifically forty-three (thank God), and I just live the way I want, and look the way I want, and wear what I want. And I will not allow anyone to say with this highly moral arrogance of village gossips that a woman of 40+ is not sexy. Not about myself, not about any other woman. You don’t need to rub it into those who are 40, and you don’t need to inspire it into those who are now 25.


At forty years old (and older) a woman is very sexy, full of desires, she is beautiful. You don’t have to start working on the program “At this age, it’s better not to …” already at thirty, you don’t have to think that you are obliged to look “more modest” or stricter to someone.

I watch a TV show in Italy where a 36-year-old man pursues a 52-year-old woman. And she: “Well, 16 years old is something too big a difference in age. I don’t like that.” And he screams: “Yes, why ?! I like you!” And she’s like, “I’m sorry, I just don’t like you enough.” This woman in general overexcited all the men in the show. Despite the fact that it does not look like these, which do not crawl out of beauticians. Quite an ordinary mature woman.

The issue is not age. But in sexuality. Which either never exists, or it will always be – even if dust is already pouring from you.


And it is also very important that the society be healthy, especially the women’s society. So that all sorts of pseudo-experts do not inspire girls that at forty their carriage will become a pumpkin, and sexuality – a caricature.

Enjoy yourself at twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, eighty, one hundred. Be fun, bright, sexy and even vulgar. Surprise with bare legs and protruding nipples hypocrites and misogynists, let them wipe themselves off. Maybe they will finally pull out a log from the vagina, which definitely prevents them from not only walking, but also enjoying life. And you are sexy. And you will always be sexy if you want it yourself.