Anorgasmia is a phenomenon in which a woman, although she enjoys sexual intercourse, is not able to experience an orgasm. Often this phenomenon is considered as a variation of frigidity, however, with frigidity, a woman lacks arousal and does not respond to irritants in erogenous zones (more precisely, zones that are erogenous in ordinary women).

Causes of anorgasmia

In some cases, female anorgasmia is a sign of abnormalities in a woman, and in others, problems with her partner. For a woman, the person with whom she has sex is always an important factor in whether she can experience pleasure or not. So, consider the possible causes of anorgasmia in women:

  • regular premature ejaculation in a partner;
  • sexual disorders in a partner and the absence or fading of feelings for him;
  • extramarital affairs;
  • interrupted sexual intercourse;
  • insufficient preparation of a woman for rapprochement – for example, as a result of the lack of foreplay,
  • incorrectly chosen position (for example, a position in which there is no stimulation of the clitoris in a woman who is prone specifically to clitoral orgasm);
  • anxiety, fear of getting pregnant, etc.;
  • hormonal disorders (for example, a low level of androgens in the body);
  • diseases of the internal organs,
  • delayed development of a woman;
  • stressful situations;
  • neurotic and depressive disorders;
  • infections, including the genital area,
  • problems with the endocrine system.

So we have listed all the possible causes of coital anorgasmia from the most easily eliminated to the most difficult. Some cases can be corrected by simply talking with a partner and correcting what is preventing you from experiencing an orgasm. In this case, we are talking about false anorgasmia, and not about real problems.

In other cases, a full-fledged treatment is required, because otherwise the woman will gradually lose all interest in sex and from the syndrome of true anorgasmia will move into the stage of frigidity.

Anorgasmia in men

Male anorgasmia is a phenomenon similar to female anorgasmia, in which a man does not experience an orgasm, despite the fact that he ejaculates. In this case, the most common cause of problems is severe mental discomfort. A man whose life is falling apart may simply be unable to enjoy sex due to extreme depression.

Another common reason may lie in childhood – if in childhood the baby caught his parents having sex, and they reacted aggressively, this can bear its mark, and a psychotherapist needs to solve such problems. Treatment of anorgasmia in men is quite complicated, but if you do not delay going to the doctor, then improvements will come soon.

Treatment of anorgasmia in women

In the question of how to cure anorgasmia, sometimes simple measures can be dispensed with, and sometimes a full examination is required with testing for the level of hormones in the blood and a complete examination. If the cause lies in a hormonal problem, eliminate it in this way anorgasmia treatmentway is quite simple.

Sometimes, in the question of how to treat anorgasmia, not a sexologist can help, but a psychotherapist who will allow you to remember something that interferes with a woman. For example, if the first act was not of one’s own accord, or was unnecessarily painful, the imprint can remain for almost a lifetime. The role of such a block is sometimes played by overly strict upbringing and many other factors that have been dragging on since childhood.

And the main thing is how to get rid of anorgasmia, this is a timely appeal to a specialist who will help you sort out your problems.