1. I share his joy and pain

“We have everything, as in ordinary relationships, except that in bed we sleep more often than indulge in passion. We love and appreciate each other, hug and touch, kiss and have a good time. We do nice things and go on dates, we want to live together all our lives and we argue about whose turn it is to wash the dishes. We support each other and listen to complaints about work. So the only difference is that in our relationship there is less sexual overtones and intimacy in general.


2. Our intimacy is from love, not from lust.

“We have been in a long-distance relationship for three years now, we meet every three months. We love each other and enjoy spending time together. Sex does not take too much place in our romance, but we love hugging and kissing.

3. We have a lot of fun together

“Now I have been in a long distance relationship for two years. It’s very convenient to be honest! He has a low libido, in past relationships the focus was shifted to sex, and with me he is much more comfortable. We have fun, we write scripts of role-playing games together and participate in them. We hug a lot when we meet, he’s my best friend. I like that he doesn’t place a lot of importance on sex, but since I also have an anxiety disorder, I’m constantly wondering if anything has changed in this important aspect.”


4. We are more than friends

“We have been together for more than seven years, and in fact there has never been sex! I don’t like being touched too much. I don’t like kissing either. Fortunately, he does not need anything, and our relationship is not based on sex. We feel a strong connection with each other, and perhaps you can call our romance a friendship, but this word also does not capture the essence well enough.

5. I like to please him.

“I am not only asexual, but also polyamorous, no matter how ridiculous it may sound. The current long-term relationship completely suits both of us. And my other partner too: there is no sex in them, I just like to please him. With the main partner, we sometimes have sex, but we do not attach much importance to it.