Let him sit on the bed and straighten his legs. Sit on top facing him, then lean back, leaning on your hands. During sex, his fingers can caress your breasts, clitoris and other erogenous zones, or they can gently but firmly hold your hands in place. If you like looking too, put a mirror behind his head or to the side.

2. Rear view

Give him a private show. Take reverse cowgirl position, then slowly lower yourself forward and rest on your elbows. During sex, move your hips at different speeds and amplitudes so that the show is not only pleasant, but also full of surprises.

3. Sofa passions

He kneels in front of the couch, you sit on the edge of the couch, throwing your legs over his shoulders. Both of you can watch him move, and if he does it slowly and erotically… If you can’t resist and touch the clitoris, both will benefit from it!

4. Pairing

Sex in front of a mirror is one of the pinnacles of passion. Stand in front of the bathroom sink, lean forward… and look in the mirror. He enters from behind, you will see how his eyes lose focus, and his mouth begins to whisper all sorts of funny things in your ear. You can answer him the same!

5. Selfie stick

If you both enjoy watching bodies move, have sex in doggy style. Give him your phone attached to a selfie stick and have him film everything. It may well inspire you to repeat the plot!