1. “Open me”

A trick from the movies, and not only spectacular, but also effective. Leave the bath door open, step into the shower (a bathtub with a translucent curtain is fine too), open the shower gel… If he walks by, call him in for a… mmm… massage. Then you can move to the bedroom.

2. Send him a message

Write in words about what exactly you want in bed. You can accompany this with a voice message, just get ready and speak with passionate notes in your voice. Bring a vibrator to the microphone, ask him what he thinks about this sound … In general, hint what awaits him! More ideas: record your moans during self-pleasure, slap yourself in front of a microphone (if both of you are not against BDSM), send him an erotic photo.

3. Send a link to a sex toy

It can be without explanation or literally with one phrase. If you like the idea, it’s done.

4. Come up with a “start word”

Everyone knows about the stop word after which sex stops. But few have a code word or phrase, meaning a desire to immediately deal with it. But this is a great part of the sexual game, when you are both ready for adventure!

5. Condom as a signal

If you have chosen this method of protection, you can catch your partner “on live bait”: show him a condom as a hint of what you want.