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lying position, woman from below, man from behind

It differs from the standard back-man pose in that your head and torso hang down from the bed. This increases blood flow to the head, and therefore significantly enhances your sensations during frictions. Also, this sex position is very suitable for quick back and forth movements, during which the first third of your vagina will be stimulated. Of course, making love in this position all night long is problematic, but it can be a great finishing touch to your sexual extravaganza.


lying position, woman from below

As you know, legs held high and brought together provide super tight, incredibly sensual friction. In addition, penetration occurs at a slight angle in this sex position, so the sensations that you will experience when having sex in this way will be very different from what you feel in a traditional missionary position or in the “man from behind” position. Ask your partner to experiment with the angle of penetration by flexing and extending the legs resting on his shoulder. When you find the best position, his cock will be able to stimulate the most sensitive areas of your vagina. This is one of the simplest yet sensual poses of the Kama Sutra.

Through hardship to the stars

lying position, man on top

If you don’t really like to be active in bed and it’s much easier to bring you to a clitoral orgasm than to a vaginal one, then Kama Sutra offers you an improved version of the missionary sex position when a man is on top. True, for this you need a bed with a high hard back. When your man is inside you, put your hands behind your head and rest your palms on the back of the bed. Bring your legs together as tightly as possible and try not to move. Since your hips are compressed, this will have an additional stimulating effect on the clitoris, moreover, with each friction, his cock will rub intensely against your labia. By the way, in this sex position your man will be able to penetrate you as deeply as possible, which means that he will also appreciate the modernized classics.

Dessert spoon

side position, man on top

Soft, unhurried, not too deep frictions will finally dispel the remnants of sleep, and after a while you will want to move on to more active actions. However, in order to enhance the sensations, it is not at all necessary to change the position, it is enough just to complicate it a little. Raise your top leg as high as you can, tell your partner to move harder, and put his fingers on your clit. Very soon, his cock will reach your G-spot, and sex will end with a dizzying orgasm. By the way, do not forget to stroke his testicles with your free hand during sex!

Side view

side position, man on top

Lie on your side, with your back to your partner. The man on top, kneeling, should put his knee between your legs and enter. At the same time, you should slightly stretch the leg lying on top to the side. In this sex position, all hard-to-reach points are stimulated, so you are waiting for new very vivid sensations that you cannot get when having sex in standard positions. You can control the friction force by moving and spreading your legs. Remember, the tighter you bring your hips together, the more the vagina tightens, and this enhances the pleasant friction during friction.


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