Anal sex without a condom

anal sex without a condom

Most couples, despite good theoretical training, are afraid of having anal sex. In the human anus there are a lot of nerve endings that are associated with the muscles of the small pelvis. During orgasm, it contracts in a certain rhythm. That is why with the right anal sex you have the opportunity to get especially strong sexual satisfaction. But it is worth making the wrong movement – and instead of pleasure, you can experience unpleasant or painful sensations.

What is dangerous anal sex without a condom? Of course, venereal diseases and intestinal infections. In the anus, as you know, there is a large number of microbes. When engaging in anal sex without a condom, you run the risk of letting these microbes into the penis cavity, as a result of which microorganisms will begin to develop and progress in it. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, it is important to use protection – condoms.

And in order to enjoy this type of sex, you need to prepare. Your partner should be very attentive and gentle. At the first stage, the partner is recommended to gently insert his finger and make rotational movements. Try doing this during intercourse. Also, a small vibrator can become your assistant. You should feel your muscles gradually relax. For complete physical relaxation, long stimulation of the anus is needed, so it is important to take your time and be careful. In addition, the psychological attitude and your growing excitement are important.

before anal sex

About protection

This moment deserves your attention. It is important to use condoms when having anal sex. Engaging in this type of sex without protection, you risk getting microtrauma in the form of cracks and scuffs. In addition, using a condom will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Engaging in unprotected intercourse, the partner risks picking up E. coli, which will cause inflammation of his urethra. Therefore, it is so important to always use protective equipment, otherwise the consequences of anal sex without a condom can lead to serious problems.