1. Lady boss

Switch places: he lies on his back, you are on top, your legs are brought together. This is, in fact, a missionary on the contrary, and even with close contact. Unexpected and very convenient!

2. Preparing for the meeting

If you have very little time, you can slightly “prepare” yourself with your hand before meeting with him. Stand facing the tabletop, lean against it, bend one leg for closer contact and choose a position in which you also have a free hand.

3. Let’s sit, have a drink

If you both need to get back to work after this little adventure, the stripped-down option is the way to go! Let him sit on a sturdy chair and take off his pants, and you sit on your knees facing him, in a wide skirt and without underwear. The pose is comfortable in all respects and helps to get pleasure quickly.

4. Wall painting

The classic standing pose, when you are pressed against the wall. For greater convenience, you can raise your hands up and hug him with one leg by the thigh. If you’re both horny enough, you’ll have movie-like sex!