Abstinence in women – benefits and harms

abstinence in women benefits and harms

Sex is one of the needs of a person, which is an integral part of his life. The frequency of sexual intercourse depends on many factors, and sometimes it is simply not possible to have sex regularly. Abstinence from intimacy can not but affect the mood and well-being. Indeed, with the help of sexual contact, a person receives physical and emotional discharge, thereby improving his condition.

How long the absence of sex is considered abstinence, each person can determine for himself only for himself. For some, this is a few days, for others – a few months, or even years.

Scientists have conducted many studies on the benefits and harms of sexual abstinence in women, the conclusions of which were not unambiguous.

Harm of abstinence from sex for women

One of the innate qualities of a person is his activity of sexual desire. Everyone has their own and we cannot change it. Those whom nature has awarded with a strong temperament have a hard time in a period when there is no regular intimacy. Even a five-day abstinence from sex in a woman can harm her. She becomes nervous and irritable, and she can throw out her anger and aggression on anyone who falls under her hot hand. Also, for such people, too long abstinence can be harmful for the reason that the blood, rushing to the genitals, begins to stagnate in the small pelvis.

Given that everyone has their own need for sex, the consequences of abstinence in women are individual: for some it can be harmful, while for others, on the contrary, it can be beneficial.

Benefits of abstinence for women

One of the pleasant moments of abstaining from sexual intercourse for a while is the more vivid sensations during sex. Many experts even recommend benefits of abstinence for womenfor a short period to refuse intimacy to those couples in whose relationship passion is fading.

From the point of view of science, there is such a thing as sublimation, that is, the redirection of unspent energy. Temporary abstinence entails an active desire to engage in creativity and self-improvement, as well as other work for which there is usually not enough time and energy.

However, the benefits of sexual abstinence are only in small amounts. Therefore, you should not give up sex at all. After all, harmonious sexual relations are a wonderful part of the life of any person. And many lovers will agree with this.