Abstinence from sex - good or bad?

Intimate life is important for people, but there are people who choose to abstain from sex (sexual abstinence). This can happen for various reasons, for example, after childbirth, due to religious motives or health problems. It is worth considering the positive and negative consequences of such a decision.

Is sexual abstinence helpful?

People who consciously gave up intimate life can talk about a lot of benefits, but they have no scientific basis. According to experts, sexual abstinence has the following positive aspects:

  1. Sublimation. If a person refuses intimacy, then there is a natural direction of unspent energy to work with values ​​that are of a spiritual or material nature. There is a desire to develop, engage in creativity and so on.
  2. Sharpening of the senses. Temporary abstinence when returning to sex helps a person experience new emotions and sharpen their sensations.

Abstinence from sex and masturbation

The value that does not change throughout life is the sexual constitution, which determines the level of need for sexual intercourse and the limit of sexual activity. Sexual temperament can be strong, medium and weak. The benefits and harms of abstaining from sex are directly related to the degree of sexual constitution. Lack of sex life will affect those who have a strong temperament to a greater extent, and those who have a weak constitution may not be affected in any way.

Why is it dangerous to abstain from sex for a long time?

Since the body of a woman and a man is different, the consequences of refusing an intimate life for them will be different. At the same time, one common point can be singled out, why abstaining from sex is dangerous – a deterioration in the emotional state, so people begin to get annoyed over trifles, become quick-tempered, and the risk of depression also increases, which is especially often manifested in women. If we take into account virgins who are already quite a few years old, then they suffer from complexes, they do not know how to communicate with members of the opposite sex, and so on.

what is the danger of long abstinence from sex

Sexual abstinence in men

There are a number of negative consequences that await the representatives of the stronger sex who have abandoned intimate relationships:

  1. Decreased potency. Such a problem can affect even young and absolutely healthy men.
  2. Loss of sexual function. If a man abstains from sex for more than a year, then this leads to serious stress for the body. As a result, there is a risk that sexual function will not return to normal.
  3. inflammation. The most dangerous problem with not having sex has to do with the prostate gland. Congestive processes will occur in the prostate, and this can cause the development of inflammation, which is already the road to acute or chronic prostatitis.
  4. Deterioration of fertile function. After abstaining from sex, sperm has an unbalanced composition and sperm motility drops significantly. As a result, the chances of conception decrease, and the risk of developing various pathologies in the fetus also increases.
  5. Sexual organ receives insufficient oxygen. During sex, blood flow to the penis increases, so the cells are saturated with oxygen. With abstinence, blockage of blood vessels and trophic disorders are possible.

Abstinence from sex in women

There are negative consequences of refusing sexual intercourse for the fair sex:

  1. loss of orgasm. Studies have shown that in the absence of sex, the brain begins to send a signal to the body that it does not need sexual function.
  2. Problems with the nervous system. The consequences of abstaining from sex are associated with the psyche, for example, a woman may show aggression or, conversely, become depressed.
  3. Deterioration of sexual function. After a few months of giving up intimacy, libido may disappear.
  4. congestion. When excited, blood rushes to the pelvic organs, and since there is no discharge, stagnation occurs.
  5. Serious problems. Due to disruption of the glands, the risk of developing tumor processes, fibroids, fibroids and other serious consequences increases.

Sex after a long abstinence

In most cases, the body needs some time to restore sexual function, and this applies to both sexes. After a while, a person will again enjoy intimate contact. In order for sexual energy to recover faster after abstinence and be directed in the right direction, it is recommended to take into account the following recommendations:

sex after a long abstinence

  1. Adhere to a healthy lifestyle, so it is recommended to create a balanced diet for yourself, play sports and give up bad habits.
  2. A favorable psychological environment and healthy sleep are important.
  3. If such health problems are observed, you should consult a doctor.

If abstinence from sex was forced, then it is necessary to undergo treatment. The doctor thinks over a therapy aimed at eliminating the cause, and in most cases it is based on restoring the psychological and emotional state of the person. This is what psychologists and sexologists do. If the reason for abstinence is physiological, such as hormonal failure or chronic cardiovascular disease, then medication is important.

Male abstinence from sex

Representatives of the strong half of humanity face serious problems when returning to sexual life. In most cases, a man experiences premature ejaculation. Effective sexual abstinence can still have serious negative consequences – lack of erection, which leads to problems in sexual life. When trying to establish an intimate life, the most terrible consequence is impotence, so it is recommended that you first consult a doctor to be checked for pathologies.

Sex after a long abstinence in women

Statistics show that women who, due to a good reason or their own decision, have given up sex for a long time, face such a problem as lost libido. As a result, this can lead to the fact that during the first sexual contact she will feel discomfort and even pain. Long abstinence without sex leads to the fact that a woman will not be able to feel an orgasm for some time. It is worth considering that the longer the rejection of intimacy lasts, the slower the above processes will recover.