Method number 1: put under the buttocks in the missionary position

Simple and tasteful. If you love the missionary position, but both of you are already a little bored with it and you want something new, just look at the situation, so to speak, from a different angle. Or rather, change the angle of inclination. Easy peasy. All you need is to put a pillow under your ass so that it enters you in a slightly different way than usual. I adjust the size and softness of the pillow, you can change your feelings at will.


Method number 2: put under the knees

An underestimated misfortune of doggy-style – yes, “maid’s knee”, as in the story “Three in a boat, not counting the dog.” Okay, not the maid’s knee, but just worn out, like in childhood after the first attempts to ride a bicycle. If you like doggy style on the floor, just create an extra layer between the floor and your knees. It will be soft and comfortable, and most importantly – you will not look at your watch.

Method number 3: sit on top of him

Again, put a pillow under your knees. Do you know when it might come in handy? If your boyfriend is too well “equipped”. That is, if for the usual posture of a rider the size of his penis is too big for you, try to slightly “slow down”, or rather, make the penetration not so deep, slightly rising above it.


Method number 4: again under the buttocks

This time, not for the missionary position, but for oral sex. Let’s tell you a secret – when you lie flat, it’s hard for him to get to your “nooks and crannies”. But if you rise slightly and your butt is on a slight rise, it will be much easier for your parterre.

Method number 5: pillow under the back for him

Try to build such a structure, the main architectural design of which will be this: the more pillows, the better. This is one version of the cowgirl pose, only… softer. Have him put pillows under his back and under his buttocks in such a way that he seems to be sitting on a throne of pillows. Turn your back on him and sit on top, and he can lean back on the back of his “throne”.


Method number 6: a pillow … and you

The good old way of masturbation has never let anyone down. How “never tried”?! We need to correct the situation immediately! Holding a pillow between your legs, move, rub and enjoy the situation. The pillow certainly will not “deflate ahead of time.”

Method number 7: bury yourself in it

In doggy style, don’t stand on outstretched arms, but simply lower your upper body so that your face is buried in the pillow. This will drown out unwanted sounds if you’re in the wrong place for loud moans, and – again – change the angle a little, so that his penetration becomes a little deeper and more sensitive.