If you think that the time of games ended with childhood, then you are very mistaken. It’s just time for adult games. Forget about problems and worries and have fun as you should. Test all sex games for two with a partner, and you will probably want to repeat at least some of them more than once.


Home sex games: simple and free

“Wheel of Passion”

Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Divide it into 8-12 segments, in each of which write frank wishes: kisses, massage, oral sex, etc. Then close each other’s eyes and randomly fall into one of the magical sectors. Well, immediately to the action – this is not a sex game on a PC to be content with surrogates. everything is real here.

“Find a cherry”

You blindfold your partner, and you yourself take cream and, for example, cherries or strawberries / raspberries. You smear cream in a secluded corner of your body and put a berry there. Let him find a sweet surprise using only his lips and “moving” on your body with kisses. Do not be surprised if after such a game you will have sex especially passionately.


“Truth or dare” in an adult way

A game familiar from childhood, but now it’s about sex. For “truth,” choose questions that will help you get to know each other’s sexual preferences better, such as: “Tell me about your hottest erotic fantasy” or “What is the most arousing sex scene you have ever seen?” As for actions, there are two criteria:

– it’s easy to do;
You don’t do it every day.

Example: “Do a striptease for me right now.”

Hint: if it’s hard to come up with questions, download a game with that name on your Android or iPhone and take ideas from there! But before you start playing, agree on a stop word so that neither of you have to do something you don’t feel like doing.


“Time bomb”

Would you like your foreplay to last longer, but do not know how to hint to him about it? Just offer him to play this sex game!

Take a kitchen timer or use your smartphone’s alarm clock. Start it, for example, for 20 minutes. All this time tease each other, seduce, caress, stroke, kiss. In general, do anything but directly penetrate until the signal rings. And when the timer beeps, start intimacy. Perhaps this is one of the best sex games!


Any game will become sexy if you play strip

Any game will become sexy if you play strip


Take chilled

This is by no means a new sex game, such entertainment has become popular for a long time. Take turns examining each other’s bodies with an ice cube. Just be careful (so as not to cool his ardor), your movements should be light and teasing. Life hack: wait until the ice melts a little and your partner gets used to the feeling of cold before touching his sensitive points. This will only sharpen his sensations, and so he will definitely not get frostbite.

animal passion

Have you ever fantasized on the topic: “What if he tears my clothes in a fit of passion?” That’s just the clothes are always a pity. Buy a few tank tops and leggings specifically for this purpose, and you can play the sex game without worrying about the cost of outfits. Tell your partner that he is free in his actions and can tear your clothes right on you. Let him tear it apart with his hands, teeth, improvised objects (just be careful!). Either way, you’ll never wear that outfit again.


Wish catalog

Take some kind of headgear (better, of course, a baseball cap or a hat), a pen, a few sheets of paper. Let each of you write your erotic fantasies on the sheets, which you have not yet had time or are too shy to share with your partner. Put the notes in a hat, mix. Get one at a time, read and try to realize these fantasies. By the way, you can play this sex game online while apart – you’ll see, both of you will be looking forward to meeting you and making your fantasies come true.


“Body parts”

Bring a tie, scarf, or sleep mask. Blindfold your partner. Touch it with different parts of the body. He has to guess what you touched. The game is ideal for those who have a wild imagination. Bonus: in the absence of visual stimuli, tactile sensations are heightened, so this sex game for couples has every chance of becoming a favorite.


home party

It’s simple: no one has an orgasm until you’ve had sex in every room of your house (bath and kitchen count.) A country cottage is best for this game, not a studio apartment. The more rooms, the more interesting it is to play this sex game.

Orgasm Race

You lie down in bed opposite each other, each giving pleasure to himself. The one who first experiences an orgasm helps the partner orally or with the help of hands until he reaches the finish line. The “winner” will get the right to sexual desire next time. (Bonus: Masturbating in front of each other brings you closer. You usually do it alone, but letting your partner watch you will bring you closer. Just don’t pretend. This sex game is all fair!)


If you enjoy playing sex games, why not come up with a new one?

If you enjoy playing sex games, why not come up with a new one?

My light, mirror, tell me

Oddly enough, a mirror is not needed for this game. Just sit opposite each other. The one who plays the role of a mirror must repeat his partner’s every movement: run his hands through his hair, kiss his neck, stroke his back, and so on.


Then switch places. This educational adult sex game is a great way to show your partner what you like and learn more about their erogenous zones.


Point to point!

What body part do you dream about kissing? Don’t call him! Let him shower you with kisses from head to toe until he hits the target. Of course, a lot depends on you, whether you will be honest and admit that he hit the right spot, or let him continue to guess … This is a game where you can and should have sex – but only after he guesses!

naked acquaintance

You stroke him with your hand, but do not touch his body. Your fingers should be within a few millimeters of his skin. So that he can feel the warmth of your body without any physical contact. Almost a game of virtual sex! Made a mistake and touched him? Get a kiss! Such a good incentive prize.


Not so fast!

How to play this sex game? You undress and lie naked on the bed. Your posture should be as erotic as possible. The partner stands at the entrance to the bedroom. Now let’s see how well he knows you. You ask him questions about yourself, ranging from sexual (“What’s my favorite sex position?”) to personal (“Name my dream vacation spot”). After the correct answer, he approaches you one step; takes a step back after a wrong one. As soon as your partner gets to bed, passionate sex awaits him. Life hack: do not ask him too difficult questions, otherwise he will use up all his ardor long before the climax.

Position: challenge

an exciting adventure that even lovers of Japanese sex games have never dreamed of! How many positions do you have time to change while having sex? Count and try to make your act more varied (by the way, this is a great way to make it even longer). Have you set a new record? Check it out and see if you can beat it.


Feel like a porn star

What’s a sex game without visual stimulants? Choose porn to your liking. It can be both good old classics and feminist porn. Watch it with a partner. Now choose something that both of you find very sexy. And try to repeat this in your bedroom. Let your performance turn out even more passionately!



Good old classic – strip sex game. Take two dice and roll them one by one. The one with the lowest score takes off an item of clothing until one of you is completely naked. Compete! Excitement fuels passion.

Stroke or tickle?

Prepare two nice opaque containers (these can be boxes, bags, caskets). Write on pieces of paper all the verbs that can give pleasure, such as: stroke, lick, suck, scratch, tickle, tie, clap – and put in one of the boxes. In another, fold pieces of paper on which the names of different parts of the body (both male and female) are written. Then mix them well, after which you just have to get one note from each box to combine the body part and action. The main condition is not to peep! Life hack: it is not necessary to read aloud what is written in the notes that you take out, let it be a pleasant surprise! By the way, a similar sex game can be played online: in this case, you will have to perform actions randomly selected by artificial intelligence.


Board sex games for a couple

“Sexy Erudite”

Just like a regular Scrabble, except you only make dirty words. Every time your partner scores a point, you must take off some of your clothing. Conversely, when you win, he undresses. Another version of the strip sex game.

love cards

Take a deck of cards. Pull in turn: if you stretch out the peaks – the partner gives you a massage, if the clubs – kisses, tambourines – uses only his hands to excite you, worms – caresses only with his lips. The larger the card, the longer the process – the number on the card equals the number of seconds. If there is no deck of cards. you can play this sex game on your phone.

Try the sexy board game

For example, “Party in bed.” In the box you will find 240 task cards. You and your partner will not only have to answer tricky questions, but also give each other massages, kiss different parts of the body, and even portray teenagers trying to make love secretly from their parents. This sexy game is perfect for both two and for those who decide to try swing with another couple…



Board sex games are a great choice for grown-up girls and boys

Board sex games are a great choice for grown-up girls and boys

Even hotter!

Nookii is the next level sex game. She is popular all over the world. Includes silk scarf, dice, do not disturb sign and three decks of cards for each partner. Each of them has different levels of passion – from “Mmm!” to “Oh-oh-oh!” and “A-a-ah!”. You just roll a die to see how long you need to complete the “task” and then… get into action.


oral fun

Board game Oral Fun is unrealistically cool! You will perform oral sex in every possible way. Kissing, licking, sucking – everything is there in this funny but very hot sex game with tongue and lips.

It cannot be bought in Russia yet. But you can order it on a foreign site. It’s worth it!

“Naked Twister”

Playing Twister can become erotic at any time if you play it with your partner. But you can intensify the feeling. Just undress before starting the game. And now… left foot on red. This sex game can also be played for stripping.

Toys and role-playing games about sex

casual acquaintance

Realistic sex game will especially appeal to those who have been together for a long time. You leave the house separately but head to the same bar. There they pretend that you don’t know each other: they look at each other, flirt at a distance, start communication as two previously unfamiliar people. You can leave the institution together, and for greater realism – do not return home, but to a pre-booked hotel room.



Reality show

Are you and your partner watching a series or reality show together and wish your favorite characters could finally have sex? So arrange a role play and do it for them! The night will be unforgettable. This new sex game is more interesting than watching Netflix before bed.

Cube with poses

Take a sex cube with poses from the Kamasutra. Choose the one with 12 faces for more options. One of you rolls the die on a flat surface. The sides of the cube are depicted with images of sexual positions. What fell, then repeat. The chances of losing are zero. you can download this sex game in the online version, if there is no cube at hand.


Head to the sex toy store where you both feel as comfortable as possible. Look around. Choose one item each that you would like to try in the bedroom. For example, a vibrator for you and a flight attendant suit to please him. Bring your groceries home and… put them away for a week. Agree that you unpack them in 7-10 days. Set an exact date. And enjoy the wait. Imagine trying out these toys, texting your partner playful messages in anticipation of X day. In the end, you will have a real holiday when you open your gifts and start sex games without end and edge.


Time has gone!  The easiest sex game: meet the deadline and bring your partner to orgasm

Time has gone! The easiest sex game: meet the deadline and bring your partner to orgasm

“Seven Minutes in Heaven”

“Seven Minutes in Heaven” is when there is little time for sex and you are about to be caught. If you don’t feel like taking the risk of having sex in a friend’s bathroom or in the ladies’ room of a nightclub, there’s a way out. Set the kitchen timer for seven minutes and then climb onto the kitchen table. The timer will create a sense of urgency, and the kitchen is always sexy. So that the sex game does not turn into injuries, remove hot pots and fragile objects in advance.


Sex as art

“Sex is also an art,” say the creators of the Love is Art set. And we agree with them. Love is Art is a set for creating abstract painting in a moment of intimacy. The original sex game for couples, you can’t say anything. Armed with organic dye, art canvas and protective film, you’ll have to unleash the Jackson Pollock in you. Create a masterpiece with your own bodies.

Bonus: don’t worry! You can easily wash off the paint from the body with ordinary water and a washcloth that comes with the sex game kit.

The text was prepared by Anna Korytina

Photo: Shutterstock