Let’s be clean. If someone – say your partner – thinks you want sex “too often” and says it with such sanctimonious caution or judgment, then no, it’s not something wrong with you. He’s just trying to shift the responsibility for the fact that you have different temperaments onto you. If this “too much” is labeled as a problem that you are to blame, then your constant desire is just his fear of not being able to cope.

Nope. There is no official amount of sex that the average adult relies on. Okay, there are some statistics that the “average” adult has sex with someone about once a week, and with himself twice a week. But the truth is that these are faceless numbers.

They are empty. You can have less sex or more, depending on your desire or circumstances. So instead of asking yourself, “Am I having too much sex?” ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with the amount of sex I have in my life?”

Here are perfectly normal reasons why a healthy woman might want sex often:

The main symptom of “too much sex” is boredom. You are tired. New poses do not please, the feeling of fullness is unpleasant, and you have sex as if out of habit. That’s when it’s time to take a break or try something else.

Physiological symptoms can also be a signal that you can slow down slightly: a feeling of chafing, soreness, pain during urination or penetrative sex.