Anal sex is an eternal topic of controversy. Some are sure that the anus and the territories adjacent to it are not intended for sex, so there is nothing to even think about it. Others argue that these body parts can be a source of additional (and no small!) pleasure in the bedroom, even if you do not have a prostate.

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Both of them appeal to their experience: someone likes anal sex, someone remembers only unpleasant sensations. If you haven’t encountered this sexual practice yet, but want to try, then here are some tips on how not to turn the experiment into an epic fail.


One: talking is extra lubrication

Lubricants are very important, but there is something even more significant – communication. Discuss everything outside of bed. Discuss your fantasies and desires, do not forget about the issues that concern you. Are you worried about hygiene? Are you afraid of discomfort or pain? What boundaries are important to each of you? Discuss these points in advance so that there are no unpleasant surprises when you get down to business.

Second: study the “materiel”

It is necessary to do this not only before anal experiments: when using any sexual practice, it is important to know how your body works. And when it comes to parts of it that are not intended for sex, the importance of knowledge of physiology increases much. “Eyewitness stories” will not be superfluous: read what others write about their experience – it is better to learn from other people’s failures than from your own.



Third: no surprises!

Only in porn films does the lover change the “place of application” in a second: just a member was here, but now he is already there. There is no place for such hot fantasies in life. This applies even to “experienced users”: if a person has mastered some practice, this does not mean that he is always ready for it. In the end, the mood can change: today you want one thing, tomorrow – another.

It is important for beginners to remember: anal sex is for the patient. You can’t poke something into the anus from overclocking, warning about it a second “before”. Foreplay in anal sex is even more important than in normal sex. Stimulation is important – massage, use of the tongue, fingers and a vibrator. And only if they are pleasant, you can proceed to penetration.


Fourth: anal sex should be enjoyed by both

Anal sex is not a reward for a well-behaved boyfriend, nor is it a minted coin passed off as cunnilingus. If you don’t like it yourself, then you don’t need to deal with it. The bed is a place where both partners enjoy, and not one endures for the sake of enjoying the other.

Fifth: use lube

This is not the vagina, where it is produced by itself, so you need a special lubricant. It differs from the one used for traditional sex: it dries slower due to its thicker texture. It must be applied not only to the penis, but also to the “penetration site” – it’s amazing how often people forget about this simple rule. But anesthetic creams are best avoided: through pain, the body gives us signals: alarm, alarm, I’m in danger! Without such prompts, anal sex can end in injury. Oh yeah, and we almost forgot: saliva is not a lubricant!


Sixth: it hurts – stop

This is the first thing you need to agree on not only with your partner, but also with yourself: if you feel pain, the experiments are immediately curtailed or returned to the previous “pleasant phase” in order to end there. And not just because pain precedes or accompanies injury. Experience is also important: one session of anal sex with pain is enough to never want to return to it again. Meanwhile, this practice can be a great addition to your sex life, and you should not deprive yourself of possible bonuses.


Seventh: anusu – anusovo

Different bacteria live in the vagina and rectum, and it is dangerous to interfere with them. If you do anal sex, then either limit it or change condoms every time you switch from one to the other. This also applies to hands: they must either be washed or latex gloves should be used. It will not be superfluous to put a towel, and then remove it when you move on to another game. Not very similar to anal sex from porn movies? Well, we will not get tired of repeating: pornography and real sex are two big differences!


Eighth: anal sex is not only penetration

It is in pornography that it is usually limited solely to penetration. In fact, you can play outside: no one canceled the anilingus. Moreover, it is the area around the anus in most people that is very sensitive and enhances sexual arousal.

At the same time, this is an excellent test for a partner: if he believes that anal sex is only penetration (and it must be in you), then the boyfriend will clearly not interfere with a little sex educational program, or even a scolding for selfishness, conservatism and abuse of films for adults.

Ninth: Refusing is OK

And finally, if you understand that you do not like anal sex, then never forget: you can refuse it. This does not mean that you are notorious, and will not make your partner unhappy. And if he does, then you should think about whether you need someone who puts his pleasure above your discomfort?