1. Card trick

If you don’t talk about sex, how do you know what your partner wants? There is a special game for the shy. You need to write your sexual fantasies on the cards, and then divide the cards into three parts: what you can do in reality (sex on the plane), what you don’t want (group), what has nothing to do with your partner (sex with an actor). You can remove the middle part of the deck, and take out cards from the rest in turn, read aloud and do what is written there. If you can’t do it right now, put it off until later and at least discuss it. For example, he took out a card with a proposal for a threesome, and you can think about who and what will do in such a situation.


2. Missionary Focus

It’s not just your clitoris that needs special attention! In men, there is an area between the testicles and the anus, a light touch of which (after a warning!) Can lift him to the pinnacle of bliss.

3. Focus on scents

Smell and taste are important components of pleasure. Does he like your perfume? Maybe try something else? Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Use a new shower gel. Come out of the bathroom in a towel, ask him to appreciate the scent. He’ll like it, as long as you don’t bathe in engine oil.

You can try flavored condoms and lubricants. And if he is not at all interested in artificial smells, each person has his own!

4. Focus with underwear

What attracts the male gaze in a lady undressing? Not the color of the nail polish and not the cubes on the stomach, but the underwear. It can be almost anything you like, and sometimes the simpler the better.


5. Focus on self-knowledge

Especially recommended if you rarely get an orgasm. Take time to explore your body, touch it in different places, find out where the most pleasant sensations are. And then tell your partner – he can’t read minds.

6. Focus with sound

Feel free to moan and scream during sex if you feel like it. Sound turns on most men.

7. Focus with porn

While no one recommends bringing a TV or computer into the bedroom, sometimes you can try. Turn off the light, look at interesting pictures, then everything will turn out by itself.

8. Focus with a place

Who said you have to have sex in the bedroom? In the back seat of a car, on a picnic mat in a quiet deserted park, or at least on the kitchen table!

9. Trick with toys

It’s never too late to buy your first vibrator and try it on your clitoris. And let him look, be impressed… and choose something for himself!