1. The beginning is in the head

It is best not to start caresses with a run, but to invite your partner to imagine all the pleasant things that will happen to him. Feel free to say nice exciting words. The right attitude is an excellent base for preparing for the main event of the night.


2. Be ready

At the beginning of hand caresses, you can draw several Latin letters V at the base of his penis with light movements of the thumb and forefinger. An erection is excellent, his dignity will not “hinder” you.

3. Stretch

Apply some lube to your other hand and gently run your fingers along the entire length of the penis (thumb pointing down). Alternate fingers with and without lubricant to give him double the pleasure, literally.

4. Pay attention to important areas

The frenulum, perineum and base of the penis are three sensitive areas that also love to be caressed.

5. Ask a partner

His opinion is an important part of the process. Whether he likes lubrication, light or strong movements – all this is better to find out in advance.


6. Follow the signals

His body movements, breathing, sounds are all important in this process. Remember what he likes the most.

7. Free one hand

And show him that you can caress not only him, but also yourself at the same time.

8. And then work with two

Caressing with both hands at the same time, changing direction, pressing force and technique, will give him new unforgettable sensations.

9. Think about your convenience

How do you position yourself during hand caresses? It can be from the side, from below, from above … Try different options and choose the one that you like best.