1. This is the favorite pose of Americans.

A recent study showed that it is she who is most often searched for in search engines. True, perhaps in order to get advice on technique!


2. She is the second most dangerous

Doggy style is the cause of about a quarter of penile dislocations (and the cowgirl position – half). However, one should not believe what they say about a penis fracture: in fact, this cannot be.

3. This is one of a whole list of back entry poses.

Of course, she’s not the only one with this, um… approach. There is, for example, the pose of a descending dog or a rider vice versa. So, if any of you are uncomfortable in the traditional version, the choice is big enough!

4. She is very ancient

It is known that even the Greeks and Romans in ancient times had sex in this position: there are drawings and written confirmations. The Roman philosopher Lucretius generally recommended it for couples who want to conceive a child. By the way, its benefits in this sense have not yet been confirmed.


5. A lot of songs are dedicated to her

Mostly, of course, in English. “PIMP” by 50 cent, “The Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang, “Back That Thing Up” by Justin Moore, over 1600 in total!

6. If you are in pain, change your position.

Since deep penetration is provided in doggy style, this is not pleasant for everyone. Try changing the angle, raising or lowering your arms, putting a pillow under your stomach.

7. Not just for people

Horses, camels, giraffes, even elephants can have sex in this position! But whales, dolphins and spiders are not.

8. For different sex

In doggy style, you can do anal and do cunnilingus, for example.

9. Many men love her

According to a survey by Women’s Health magazine in the United States, this position is the favorite among men. In women, she consistently enters the top three favorites.