1. Change of positions

Sex in one position can quickly get boring. Arrange a competition for yourself: how many poses will you have time to try in one “run”? You will surely discover many new things!


2. Think Big

Try “sex without sex” – doing everything but without actual penetration. I wonder how long you will last!

3. Dots

Choose a few points on the body, guess one of them. With every wrong answer, let him kiss you in the place that he named. Honesty or slyness – you decide.

4. Shopping

Go to the sex shop and buy underwear together. In the first store, you can secretly choose gifts for the upcoming holiday, in the second – to check whether your tastes in linen, especially yours, match.

5. Motes

Take a fluffy furniture dusting brush (preferably a new one!) and give him a light massage.

6. Cards

Let each suit signify a specific action. For example, hearts – kisses, diamonds – massage, clubs – stimulation, spades – oral sex. The number or letter on the card is the duration of the action. Will blowjob with the ace of spades last a second or a minute – decide for yourself.


7. Seven minutes

Set a timer for 7 seconds, lock yourself in a closet, large closet, or other confined space with it, and see how much you get done in that time.

8. Masks

Think about how your favorite literary or movie characters would have sex. Enter the image and get new sensations!

9. Mirror

One partner repeats the actions of the second with maximum similarity. The game is simple, but incredibly exciting!